Happy (Financial) Independence Day


Today, let’s take a vow to be financially independent.

I’m posting this on the Fourth of July — Independence Day here in the United States — but this works any day. Whether you need to work to become financially independent or just want to maintain the independence you’ve already gained, today, let's set some goals. (See also: How to Save Without Goals)

Here are mine:

  • To never financially rely on my parents, my friends, or most certainly, a credit card.
  • To be able to make the truly important decisions in life — about things like family, where I live, and the work I do — based on my desires, not the sorry state of my finances.
  • To not be in debt.
  • To be able to use money as a tool to create wonderful experiences — but know that it's far from the only tool necessary.
  • To not worry about what would happen to me if I'm faced with a financial emergency.

Some of these goals I’ve achieved. Some of them I'm still working at (curse you, student loans).

Of course, in order to actually achieve big-picture goals, you'll need to make smaller, more manageable goals.

But...for many of us, today is a holiday — a time for that all-important relaxation (especially if you're one of those people who has been passing around this recent New York Times op ed about being busy). Take the rest of the day off, if you can.

When you come back tomorrow, you can better define and break down your goals with the help of these articles:

Defining Your Goals

Taking Action

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Happy Independence Day, everyone — national, financial, or whatever else you might be celebrating.

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Happy fourth of July! Great minds think alike as I wrote a similar article today about financial independence from my parents and some tips. I definitely try to stay away from being dependent on others.