Help for the Decoratively Hopeless (or the Cheap): Myscha Theriault on BTR

By Linsey Knerl on 22 April 2009 2 comments
Photo: Myscha

Yes, it’s time for another weekly Blog Talk Radio Show tonight, and this one’s featuring our very own Myscha Theriault.  We discuss kitchens on a dime (or $100, in my case) and how to use your food as festive décor for any mood. 

Myscha’s one of those bloggers that you wish lived right down the street from you.  Sure, you could share a nice glass of wine and one of her do-ahead breads, but secretly, you just want her to “eyeball” your kitchen and tell you what to do. 

We get close to the experience of a professional walk-through with tonight’s “Kitchens  on The Cheap” episode of Living Large on a Small Budget.  If you can’t make the 8pm CST live airing, it’s available for download beginning an hour after it airs. 

What do we cover?  So much in so little a time: 

  • How decorative containers can hold stuff and make your kitchen look “professional”
  • Things like old garden gates and rebar make excellent pot rack materials
  • You can make that kitchen island you’ve always wanted – with stuff someone else might likely throw away 

Even if you’re kitchen is nothing more than a corner of a studio apartment, there’s something in tonight’s interview for you!  Check us out on Blog Talk Radio (and tell your friends!)

Here are some of Myscha's other fabulous decorating posts:

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Fred Lee's picture

Ah, my two favorite WB writers. The things we could accomplish if we were neighbors, or rather, the things I could learn, being both hopeless and cheap. Thanks for the insightful information.

Linsey Knerl's picture

There's probably a reason we all don't live on the same block.  Global domination?  Not quite in reach.  A mean BBQ? Totally doable.

Linsey Knerl