Here's How Delaying Marriage or Kids Saves You Money


For some, the decision to get married and start a family is as natural as falling in love. But marriage and family are big responsibilities that require emotional and financial maturity. Though there's rarely a perfect time for settling down (love — and sometimes kids — strike when you least expect), it's worth considering the financial implications of waiting. Now that many couples are delaying marriage and kids, it's important to know why putting off these major milestones can be good for your financial health.


Once you tie the knot, you and spouse will share everything, including in some cases, debt. So, sit down together, discuss your combined debt, and map out a smart plan for tackling it. Facing reality and seeing the numbers in black and white might make you rethink your wedding date. Research shows a large number of couples divorce within the first five years — and problems stemming from debt is the primary reason.

Cost of Marriage

The average wedding cost in the U.S. is $25,000. Some couples spend even more. If you rely on credit cards to finance your wedding plans (i.e. engagement ring, wedding, and honeymoon), you and your spouse will be paying off the debt for several years down the road. It will be difficult to jump-start your new life. Postponing the wedding date, saving for the ceremony, and opting for a less extravagant celebration are all reasonable options for reducing this expense. (See also: This One Wedding Trick Will Save You Thousands)

Cost of Kids

Having kids probably costs more than you expect. The hospital delivery cost in America runs between $33,000 and $51,000, on average — depending on whether it's natural or a caesarean birth. And don't assume health insurance always covers childbirth. Often couples don't realize they're on the hook for these charges until it's too late.

WebMd reports that the cost of a raising an infant during its first year increased to $40,000 — equivalent to the cost of one year's tuition at an Ivy League university. Daycare alone is an estimated $15,000 per year. The total cost of raising children until they reach the age of 18 is $245,000 each. Planning your family based on your financial ability can reduce household stress and make for a happier home. (See also: What It Costs to Raise a Child)

Tips to Save Money While Delaying Marriage and Kids

  • If possible, pay off any high-interest pre-marriage debt before tying the knot. Paying off your loans early will save you thousands on interest charges and reduce any friction over shared finances.
  • Do not finance the engagement ring. Consider a less expensive option, instead. Take it from a woman: As long as it has bling and it's not cubic zirconia, you'll probably be fine. You can upgrade it on your five year wedding anniversary, or once you're financially settled.
  • Stay engaged until you have saved enough money saved to cover all wedding day expenses. Create a budget and stick to it.
  • Consider living together during the engagement. The money saved on rent, utilities, etc. can be set aside to pay down debt or for the wedding. What you learn about each other — and your financial habits — will be priceless.

Did delaying marriage or kids save your family money?

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