High Tech Solutions For the Winter Blues


How can you fight the battle of the winter blues with so little daylight and so much to do?  

You can start with a few of our favorite tech solutions designed to increase energy, produce vitamin D, or just inspire a little bit of mid-season hope.  These are just two of our complete list featured in a recent My Life Scoop article!

Philips goLITE Blu

I own this light myself, and as an avid fan of using light therapy in the home to beat the blahs and focus my attitude, I am thrilled with the compact size and the ability to tuck it in a carry-on for a weekend trip.  The small unit can sit in a desk or kitchen table, generates no heat, and is safe for even children to use (check with your pediatrician for details.)  

Use the Philips goLITE Blu for 15 – 45 minutes a day to boost energy and help improve mood with no interruption in your daily routine. (I use mine while working at the computer!) This light is popular among busy professionals, and you don’t need a medical RX to begin using it. Prices for the light range from $150 – 200.

Honeywell UV Cool Mist Tower Humidifier

One of the biggest complaints heard during the winter months is “It’s so dry!” Humidifiers are a wonderful, affordable way to combat chapped lips, dry skin, allergy flare-ups, and general discomfort when staying long periods indoors. The newer humidifiers are sleeker, more-attractive versions of past years’ offerings, and some (like the Honeywell UV Cool Mist Tower) offer an added layer of chic with its germ-killing skills. 

Since humidifiers can be a haven for bacteria and other icky things, it’s good to know that UV humidifiers can kill over 99% of the living stuff that makes you sick. With the capability to run almost 24 hours on one tank of water, it’s a maintenance-free solution to a common winter problem.

Not sure that you need a humidifier? A hygrometer (not to be confused with a hydrometer) can tell you exactly how much humidity is in the air where you live and work. They are available at most home improvement and gadget stores for between $20 – 80.

Do you find yourself a bit droopy when the sun shines less and the air gets chilly? Check out the complete list of products design to nip that chilly season in the bud. What tech tools would you like to use this season to stay focused and refreshed?

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