How Not to Buy Too Much

Creating a budget is a lot like going on a diet. You begin full of hope and enthusiasm. Every pound lost is a victory. You probably tweet it while you're still on the scale.

Then the excitement starts to wear thin, so to speak. You're still hungry after meals. Weighing portions becomes a chore and you resent limiting yourself to the "lean choices!" side of the menu. And oh, do you miss your old friends Ben and Jerry. (Carrot sticks are not the same as Chubby Hubby.)

With luck you find balance, i.e., eating sensibly most of the time and splurging on the occasional slice of cheesecake. But until you've mastered healthier habits, you need to avoid those all-you-can-eat buffets (to say nothing of the "lard choices!" side of the menu).

Changing the way you spend isn't that different from changing the way you eat. You need to learn financial balance — spending wisely most of the time and treating yourself to the occasional Ferrari. Until then, you need to stay out of the mall and away from online shopping sites.

I've heard some interesting suggestions about how to cut spending. My favorite was from a woman who admitted to being a quart low on willpower. Her solution to impulse buying? She taped her credit card to the back of a huge, heavy dresser and had her boyfriend shove it against the wall. The woman couldn't even budge the armoire on her own. Problem solved.

If that strategy won't work for you, how about these?

1. Make your money inaccessible

Once you've made your plastic hard to reach, treat your cash the same way: Put it in an online bank, which means at least a 48-hour wait for withdrawals. (Bonus points for doing it as laddered CDs.) Of course you should keep some liquid funds in case of emergency, but why not put most of them in a checking account without an ATM card? Having to go to the trouble of writing a paper check to the cute-shoes emporium or the hot-wings place might temper impulse buys. (So might the fact that fewer and fewer places are taking checks these days.)

2. Give yourself an allowance

And feel free to spend it — but when it's gone, that's it. If you want a bigger-ticket item, save up for it.

3. Say "maybe later"

Start an online wish list and look at your sparklies instead of buying them. Think about saving up for them. Also, tell people who like you an awful lot about this list, for birthday and holiday purposes.

4. Try a petite splurge

See a delicious-looking cake? Ask if it comes in cupcake form. Grouchy because you can't afford a vacation? Join a social buying site and watch for spa deals; a few hours of pampering for $40 beats a weekend in wine country and its corresponding financial hangover.

5. Calculate the real-world cost

Suppose that daily coffee-and-bagel habit works out to at least $25 a week. How many hours of work does that translate to, Mr. or Ms. Underemployed? (Specifically, how many Gap shirts do you have to fold per sip of overpriced java?) For extra credit: What could you do with an extra $100 or more a month? For heaven's sake, get a travel mug and keep some bagels in the freezer.

6. Wait, wait and, oh yeah, WAIT

Those must-have shoes or fishing lures or whatever it is you think you want? A week later you might not care. Then again, you might, which is why you should…

7. Buddy up

Make a pact with your spouse/partner: Henceforth and forevermore, decisions on anything more expensive than a box of condoms (a purchase you should never begrudge) will be mutual decisions. Unattached? Get a friend, or more than one friend, to talk you down from the "hot deals" site. There's a variation on this system, called…

8. The three-strikes rule

You must discuss and/or physically handle a prospective purchase at least three times before you can actually buy it. This gives the scales a chance to fall from your eyes, i.e., you may realize that the skirt isn't that cute. (Bonus: If you eventually decide to buy, the item may be on sale. Maybe even on clearance, if you've dilly-dallied sufficiently.)

9. Don't buy it — TRY it

If possible, borrow the item you crave. One of my prizes for being on the game show "Jeopardy!" was a video camera, which was an expensive item back in 1991. Frugal friends borrowed it to film their kids' birthday parties. Or how about renting? A four-hour contract on a power washer could help you realize you really wouldn't use it often enough to justify a purchase.

10. Scavenge

Is there a Freecycle chapter in your area? How about the "free" section on Craigslist? An online swap site? Or put the word out among friends and co-workers that you're looking for a sofa or an exercise bike or a wading pool — somebody might be anxious to ditch one.

11. Interrogate each purchase

Run all potential buys through the following filter:

  • Do I really need this?
  • If I get it, will my life be significantly improved?
  • If I don't get it, will my life be substantially diminished?
  • Do I already have something that will suffice?

It's up to you what you buy. But being cautious about how you buy may keep your life free of clothes you don't wear and gadgets you rarely use.

Just as a diet doesn't mean you can never enjoy food again, a budget doesn't mean that you can never buy again. But it's probably smarter to buy a cupcake than a layer cake.

Donna writes the Living With Less column for MSN Money, posts weekly at Smart Spending and also has her own site, Surviving and Thriving. More great articles from Donna:

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Or just stop having sex and you won't even need to purchase condoms!

Donna Freedman's picture

@Strawberry Lady: If it were that easy, everybody would (not) be doing it.

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I especially like 1, 6, and 9.

1. I like because I think it's great to create good barriers and tear down bad barriers. By creating a barrier to getting to your money (making it more difficult) you're less likely to spend it! Great!

6. We love living in the moment, and as a result we often make stupid financial decisions. By giving yourself the time to think it over, we'll often realize that it's not necessary, or that "the moment has passed." There's nothing wrong with spontaneity but there are always frugal ways of being spontaneous.

9. I think this is a great idea. The spin that I especially like is the idea of borrowing things from friends. It ends up being mutually beneficial. It can help your friend by knowing that they're able to help you out (maybe a favor they can cash in on sometime in the future), and it helps you out because you didn't have to spend money. Win win for everyone!

This is a great list.

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Thanks for making me think twice about my spending habits! I really needed to read I just have to put these pointers into practice when I get the urge! Because frivolous spending really adds up!

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Some types of splurging don't even have to throw off your budget. Craving a new book or dvd? Local libraries are getting better at stocking the newest DVD's and are, as always, a great resource for, ahem, books. For me, just going out and picking up something tangible is a great way to avoid impulse spending.

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Another Great post Donna. I love your stuff and have your MSN commentary index on my Bookmarks!

Donna Freedman's picture

Thanks, Miguel. I hope you'll bookmark my new site, too:

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Ask yourself one question with BRUTAL objectivity:

Do I really need it?

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These are great tips, especially the one about vacations! And that's really cool that you were on Jeopardy! I take the college test every year so maybe you'll see me on there soon.

Donna Freedman's picture

Creditshout: Thank you for your kind words.
As for "Jeopardy!" -- everyone else will see you but I won't because I don't have a TV.
Good luck, though. And if you don't have much time to do research, at least page through "The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy." You never know when they're going to ask you for Hephaestus' Roman name.
(It's "Vulcan.")

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(Specifically, how many Gap shirts do you have to fold per sip of overpriced java?)

Way to shame retail jobs, Donna. You could have done without that line.

Donna Freedman's picture

@Cidre: No shame in retail. I was merely trying to put things in perspective. If you're working for $8 an hour, "little" treats cost a big chunk of your salary.

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I didn't feel "shamed" when asked "how many Gaps shirts do you have to fold..."

As a matter of fact, I ask myself that question ALL THE TIME about anything I am thinking of purchasing! I've been doing that style calculation for years and it's prevented me from buying things I didn't really need, or if I did need it I would shop around to find a better bargain, barter for it, borrow it, or do without!

Doesn't matter WHAT your job or income is, this method absolutely works! I've worked retail making $8 per hour and I would calculate how many hours I'd have to work to purchase a certain item (How about a $4.00 latte- TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT!!! Work 1/2 hour for a cup of coffee? No way! I can make my own at home for much much less!).

Really helps put things into perspective when you figure how much you have to work to pay for something.

Guest's picture

Eh. You can do that analysis with any kind of job, salary or hourly. I do it all the time too. I just found that line odd, with the juxtaposition of unemployed and retail. I've read articles before on this website that have seemed to shame retail positions so I tend to keep an eye out for it and call people on it.

A job is a job and I think when Wise Bread gets on the high horse about menial jobs it does a disservice to the readership. When it comes down to it, $8/hour (or min. wage, as most Gaps tend to pay) is better than nothing an hour.

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Hey nice post! I feel the best way to avoid spending too much is having a proper budget. Before making any purchase ask yourself, "do I really need to buy it?" this way you can avoid impulse buying behavior and save lots of cash.

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How do I not spend too much? I stay at home and stay busy. Time keeps you from spending money.

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There's a brilliant book called All Your Worth by Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi. In keeping with the diet analogy offered in this post, they offer a way to change your lifestyle rather than a crash diet. Basically they advocate you parse your net income into 50% for needs, 30% for wants and 20% for savings/retirement. Its sustainable, simple, and it allows you use your wants money on anything you want (no guilt). If you can't make those exact percentages, they say you should just do your best (54% for needs is a lot better than 75%). I've been following a variation of their budget for three years now with great success. (Mine is 50% needs, 30% savings, 10% wants and 5% unexpected.) It's a book worth looking into.