How To Build Your Own Air Horn In 3 Minutes

build your own air horn

Air horns are perfect for sporting events, parties, and basically any situation where you want to be obnoxious. Unfortunately, a good air horn can cost anywhere from $7 to $20.

Fear not sports fans. Here's how you can make an air horn in under three minutes.

How To:FREE Air Horn!!! - These bloopers are hilarious

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  • A balloon. (Someone claimed using a condom works. Personally I would stick to balloons.)
  • A straw.
  • A 35mm film canister or similarly-sized plastic container with a lid.
  • Scissors with a sharp end you can use to puncture a hole in the canister.


  • Make a hole at the bottom of the canister.
  • Insert the straw into the hole. Make sure it fits snuggly.
  • Drill another small hole at the side of the canister.
  • Cut the balloon in half along the crease of the balloon. Trim one of the halfs until you get a nice piece of rubber that is a bit bigger than the canister.
  • Remove the lid from the top of the canister. Put the balloon piece over the canister's top. Pull on the balloon a little bit to make sure it fits tightly against the canister. Put the lid back on the canister on top of the balloon.
  • Insert your straw into the bottom of the canister until it hits the balloon.
  • Now try blowing into the air horn. If you can't hear anything, try adjusting the straw by moving it further in or out of the cannister. If it still doesn't work, you might have made your holes too big or there might be a hole in your balloon.
  • Now swear the sacred "Oath of the Air Horn" and promise that you will only use this power for good, and not evil (like cheering against the Warriors, the Clippers, or the Rockets).

If you need more detailed instructions, check out this great how to build an air horn guide on Inscrutables.

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I think that this air horn is too cheap and people will probably laugh if I would go to the stadium with this one. In addition, rubber membrane vibrates too much and doesn't make high pitch sounds. A larger size of sports air horn should be used as in this example: