How to Add or Edit Locations in a Shared Google Map

Google Maps lets users create their own maps that others can contribute to.  Maps can be private, editable by invite only, or allow public edits. You can bookmark several of these user generated maps under the "My Maps" at Google Maps.

Here are step-by-step instructions for adding or editing locations in a shared Google map.

1. Go to the shared Google map

You can browse the directory of Google maps to add to your collection of maps.  For example, there's one for real estate listings and gas prices.

Also check out the Wise Bread group writes that use collaborative maps:

2. Save the map to your My Maps

If you're not logged in to a Google account, you'll see a link called Save to My Maps.

save to my maps


If you are already logged in, check the box next to the name of the map to add it to your maps.

add google map to my maps


3. Add a new location or edit an existing one

Now that you've added the shared map to your My Maps, you can start adding location pins.

  1. Search for the location (business name or address).
  2. Click on the name of the location in the sidebar.  A bubble will appear over the pin of the address in the map.
  3. Click Save to My Maps.  You'll be presented with a choice of your maps to save to.  Choose the one you want, then click Save.

add location to google map


4. Edit the location info

Google will pull some info about the location listing into the pin you just added to one of your maps.  You can edit this information based on your map's purpose. Your changes only apply to that pin on your map.

edit location info in a google map


5. That's it!

Go find more useful locations to add to your map.

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