How to Find a Great Babysitter


Leaving your child with a stranger can feel scary — especially if you live in a big area like we do. Here are some places to start your search for a trusted babysitter. Now get out there and enjoy date night!


My friends overwhelmingly recommend using to find trustworthy sitters. You can search for anything from one-night gigs to full-time au pairs and childcare centers. Post your job, browse profiles, get background checks, and then interview potential babysitters. Some features are free; others cost anywhere between $25 and $45 a month. You can also take advantage of the easy online scheduling and even pay sitters directly through the site. also offers senior care, pet sitting, house sitting, and military family help.

2. SeekingSitters

Whether you need full-time babysitting or just a night out, SeekingSitters is a solid resource to put in your back pocket. There is a one-time activation fee of $59.99 and a monthly plan rate — but if you need frequent help, it's worth the money. The benefit? You'll get to browse profiles and create relationships with prescreened, professional babysitters in your area. The site also offers pet sitting, house sitting, and tutoring services.

3. Local Schools

Several of the teachers and helpers at my daughter's school also offer babysitting services. Ask around to see if this is the case at your child's school. Beyond that, you might also find connections through nearby high schools or colleges. Try posting an ad in the job board at your local university. You might even have success calling the preschool or childhood education departments directly.

4. Childcare Swapping

If you live relatively far away from family like we do, friends become a second family of sorts. Try swapping childcare duties with them every couple weeks so you can enjoy date nights. You may need to shift your ideal date time to accommodate everyone's naps and bedtime schedules, but it's worth the extra effort. We have also started getting close with a few neighbors who have offered to watch our daughter in case of emergencies.

5. Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

One of the most useful tools we've used to find childcare is recommendations from neighbors, friends, and other parents. This is especially worthwhile if you're not originally from the area. Once you ask, you're bound to find some good options worth investigating.

6. Parent Groups

Discussions about babysitters come up quite frequently in local parent groups or Facebook pages, and some of the moms might even offer babysitting services themselves. You'll always want to get references if you're unfamiliar with the names you see, but you can find some great care providers this way. Stuck on what to pay? You can even inquire about the going rate for sitters in your area.

Where do you find a great babysitter?

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