How to Find a Legit Virtual Assistant Job

Working as a virtual assistant sounds like a dream job. As a remote administrator, serving as a virtual assistant allows you to work from home in your pajamas when it suits your schedule. You get to do more varied work than an at-home customer service representative — you might manage social media accounts, book travel arrangements, create PowerPoint presentations, or take minutes during online meetings.

Moreover, good virtual assistants can make an excellent wage from their homes. Because of how appealing this gig sounds, virtual assistant job listings are rife with scams and fraudulent listings.

While some executives will hire virtual assistants on their own, most workers find clients through virtual assistant companies that connect business owners with contractors. The industry is expanding rapidly, and discerning the scams from the real companies is becoming increasingly difficult.

Here are some tips to help you find out if a company is a legitimate business.

Check out the Better Business Bureau

While the virtual assistant company’s page on the Better Business Bureau site may not be comprehensive, if they do have a presence on the page, that is a good indication that the business is a serious enterprise.

Review Their Website

If the page is littered with typos or broken links, that is a definite sign that the company is not legitimate. Also, pay attention to the company’s contact information; if they list a phone number or email address, reach out to them and see if they work.

Do a Google Search

If a company is the real deal, a Google search will reveal other companies who use them, LinkedIn connections, and business profiles. If they are not reputable, you may find people complaining about them on social media or sites like Ripoff Report.

Visit GlassDoor

GlassDoor can be a great resource to see what current and past employees experienced at the company. They will share their experiences — both the good and bad — such as what to expect regarding salary, working conditions, and whether they got paid.

Understand the Interview Process

Scam gigs will hire just about anyone without much screening, so if you send in a resume and are immediately hired, that is a major red flag.

What to Expect From a Legitimate Company

As a virtual assistant, you will be closely working alongside executives and be privy to sensitive information. Real companies want to make sure you are a person of integrity and have the talent to do the job efficiently to maintain their reputation.

A legitimate virtual assistant company is extremely thorough. You will likely have to submit a resume and cover letter, and then undergo an initial phone screening. From there, many companies will have you complete various tests and evaluations to test your speed, accuracy, and professionalism. It is not uncommon to go through second or even third interviews, usually through Skype or GoToMeeting. The entire process can take as long as two months.

While the long interview duration can be time consuming, it is a good sign they are doing their due diligence and are an upstanding company.

Where to Find Real Virtual Assistant Jobs

There are a number of virtual assistant firms that are well-known and respected, who hold their virtual assistants to high standards, and pay them decent wages:

  • eaHelp: Virtual assistants mainly work with entrepreneurs, celebrities, and pastors. The pay ranges from $12–$18 an hour.
  • Time Etc: With Time Etc, you will do everything from book a family’s vacation to write blog posts. Pay is usually around $11 an hour.
  • Zirtual: Unlike other companies, Zirtual assistants are full-time employees. While the pay is about $11 an hour, you are eligible for medical and dental benefits.
  • Fancy Hands: While Fancy Hands is a real company, its structure is very different. They pay per task, with each task paying as little as $2 to $7.
  • 99 Dollar Social: Unlike other virtual assistant positions, 99 Dollar Social’s representatives solely update social media accounts for clients. The pay is approximately $12 an hour.

For many people, getting a job as a virtual assistant is a great way to earn extra income or even transition to working full-time from home. However, because these roles are so attractive, you need be aware of how many scams there are that will try to steal from you. Carefully research potential employers and check out the established and reputable companies to make sure you get paid for the work you do.

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Want some extra cash? Being a virtual assistant can provide you with a great work life balance, and a decent pay check. Here are some tips to help you find out if a virtual assistant company is a legitimate business. | #VA #virtualassistant #sidehustle

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