How to Find the Best Stuff at HomeGoods


If you aren't yet a HomeGoods devotee, then maybe it's time to check out everything these stores have to offer. Owned by the TJX Companies, this popular chain of discount home furnishing stores complements the company's well-known TJ Maxx and Marshalls apparel stores. HomeGoods is a gold mine for finding everything from dining chairs to dog beds at deeply discounted prices (up to 66% off regular department store prices to be exact). (5 Frugal Rules You Must Follow When Shopping at Costco)

Unfortunately, because of the store's popularity and steep discounts, finding just what you're looking for can be challenging. But with these useful HomeGoods shopping tips, you will always bring home the biggest savings and the best finds.

Know When to Shop

The unique, ever-changing, affordable inventory at HomeGoods is enough to make any decorator or homeowner shout with glee. This does mean, however, that popular items, like Le Creuset bakeware and limited edition art prints, get snapped up quickly. The good news is that most HomeGoods locations restock weekly, if not daily. Therefore, shopping the store about an hour after it opens works best. This gives the staff enough time to stock the new goods of the day and gets you there early enough to snag the best stuff before things get picked over. Weekdays are also a plus as there tends to be less competition by avoiding the weekend rush.

Where to Look for $10 Gifts

Economical gifts are abundant throughout HomeGoods stores, but there are always some great go-to options under $10.

  • In the decorative glass section, check out the authentic, hand-blown vases, bowls, and figurines from Poland and Italy for under $10.
  • The stationery area always has decorative note cards, journals, and other pretty paper goods.
  • The candle section is also worth a stop, where you'll find candles in unique colors and sizes for just a few dollars.
  • Decorative dishtowels, cloth napkins, and fancy pump soaps make other great, cheap gifts.
  • Finally, head over to the kids' department for some extremely discounted brand name toys and classic books.

Scope Out All the Departments

Thinking outside the box can score you some unique finds at HomeGoods. For example, think about searching the sea of outdoor furniture and accents and bringing them indoors.

I have found small, outdoor tables and plant stands that make excellent nightstands or hall tables. By perusing other departments, you may land a piece that can surprise you. This is true of a fantastic gold garden stool I once found in the outdoor area, which is now a side table in my formal living room. I have even used a small storage vanity from the bath section as an end table. Check out the store's site for great designer inspired ideas for every taste.

Always Check Out the Seasonal Stuff

Around the holidays, the seasonal decor virtually takes over the front half of the store. This makes HomeGoods one of the cheapest and most well-stocked places for Halloween, Christmas, and Hanukkah decor. It's also definitely worth checking out other seasonal items as well. Come spring and summer, garden-inspired accents, beachy decor, and an array of outdoor items hit the floors, all with steep discounts.

Look for Items That Need a Little Makeover

You may not think of HomeGoods for your DIY project, but many good finds make for inexpensive, one-of-a-kind pieces. Examples include the multitude of tables for sale, which can be easily transformed at home with paint, lacquer, or stain into whatever you can dream up.

Chairs are also abundant, and you can easily change up the fabric for your own look. The same goes for the many beautiful mirrors and frames, as a new finish is a simple project.

My favorite HomeGoods DIY project started with a small, brown wooden end table I scored for $29. I transformed it with some gray paint, nailhead trim, and colored stones into a really cool piece.

Consider the TJX Rewards Card

I am not one to promote opening another credit card, but if you are going to be shopping HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls on a regular basis, then a TJX rewards credit card may be a money-saving option. This is only true IF you can always pay off the balance each month, since it will carry a very high APR. The TJX rewards card has a point system where 1,000 points earns you a $10 in-store reward certificate, and you can earn 5 points for every $1 spent at any TJX store. This equates to $10 back on every $200 spent, or as I like to think of it, 5% off of all of my HomeGoods purchases. The rewards never expire and there is no limit on how many you can earn and redeem at one time. You also get 10% off your first in-store purchase when you open the card.

The real fun of shopping at HomeGoods comes from their ability to provide a selection of discounted, quality inventory, since the stores' buyers continually handpick items from a variety of vendors and name-brand retailers. For me, I always get a thrill from finding a treasure at an amazing price.

Are you a HomeGoods shopper? What's been your best find?

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