How to flush $299 down the toilet (and fish it out again)

In what can only be described as a fusion of insanity and insanity, Aqua One brings you The Fish 'n Flush!

toilet aquarium

That's right. How many of you have sat on the crapper and wished that you could snap your spine in half, turn around, and look at some fish. That's right, I suspect the answer is NOBODY! (Put your hand down Gollum.)

What's funnier than the official website (which makes soothing bubbly noises) is the short ABC article on this bowl of fun. Here are some choice quotes:

While it was designed as a fish tank, Reel says you can put other things in here, too. "If you don't want fish, if you want to make it for scorpions, snakes, lizards..."

When I'm doing my business I want to relax, not feel like a contestant on Fear Factor.

William thinks it would be a useful potty training tool. "To me, this is one of those items you'd get for your younger kids to entertain them. Maybe in those special pre-years for potty training."

Right. Because it is psychologically healthy to make your kids associate fun with potty time. What's next? Breast feed them while wearing a clown mask?

"If you have a stay at home cat, I think that would be wonderful," says Sandy. "It would entertain him."

Okay, now we're talking some sense.

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Myscha Theriault's picture

This is hilarious, Will.

Guest's picture

i think it is crazy

Guest's picture

There certainly are stranger products out there than this one...

Contestant number one: “A company called Flat-D Innovations, Inc. is selling a thong for dogs designed to make farts smell better.

Dubbed, “The Dogone”, it’s an activated charcoal cloth that traps the foul smelling odors from the passing wind.

Better yet, how about this useless "Rocking Horse" toilet with foot pegs

Or my personal fave...the Octodog Frankfurter Converter...

Have fun...

Guest's picture

re the part where it says great to eat...

like what else do u do with it....

oh wait... im not sure i want an answer to that...

Guest's picture

I want that toilet