How to Get Even More Freebies in Exchange for a Review

Who doesn't like to get free stuff? It's even better when the free stuff is actually stuff you want and like. Through the help of a small personal website and my Amazon review account, I have been able to review — and keep — over $1,000 worth of goods for free.

Here are my simple tips to increase how many freebies you can score each year.

It All Starts With a Good Amazon Account

If you want to be approached by companies, you have to have an Amazon review account that is full of reviews. Not all of my reviews are great, but if you can take the time to write some helpful and detailed reviews for products you already own and love, then you will increase your chances of being seen by a company. Companies will go based off of reviewer ranking and helpful vote counts.

I also highly recommend updating your Amazon reviewer profile to include a little about yourself, your email address, and your picture. My profile says something like, "Yes, I will review your product. Just email me." A few companies have reached out to me through my profile to offer me a product to review.

Have a Small Website

A small website, even one that is on a free WordPress or Blogger platform, can help you get stuff for free to review. Some review sites will have specific requirements, such as X number of Facebook followers or X number of pageviews each month. I have found that most of the Christian publishers I review books for have very easy restrictions, since Amazon reviews tend to be the gold that most publishers are going for.

Try Reaching Out to Companies Directly

Maybe you don't have a website but instead a social media account or YouTube channel with quite a few subscribers. If you are not approached by companies already, try reaching out to them.

A few years ago, I ran a site called The Thrifty Wife, which was not popular, but it had about 1,000 views a week. I looked at other sites that were comparable to mine and saw what they reviewed. I then would reach out to those companies asking if they were interested in exchanging their product for a review. This might be out of your comfort zone, but it worked for a few products.

Companies usually have a PR or marketing department, and those individuals most likely do not have time to research every social media account. Most of the extremely popular websites and social media accounts are hard to get a hold of or charge companies to review products. This is where individuals with a decent following come into play.

Book Publishers That Offer Review Copies

I review Christian books as a part of Tyndale, Moody, and HarperCollins' book reviewing programs. However, there are several programs available for both Christian and non-Christian books. Check publisher's websites to see if they have a reviewer program or a first look newsletter. Many indie authors are usually more than happy to provide free digital copies for reviews, so don't be afraid to reach out.

Other Product Review Sites

Right now, I am a part of Blue Ribbon Reviews, which offers free and heavily discounted items to review. I have received a backseat car organizer, reusable baby food pouches, and food containers for less than a $1 a piece, and they were things I could use anyways. So far, their free items I have seen offered have been for sleep-inducing syrup and wallets.

The other company I review for is All Star Review. The site has offered 100% free items, but you are alerted of the free item a day before it launches, and then it is a first come, first serve basis the day the freebie is live.

Obviously Amazon's Vine program would be ideal, but I am still waiting for my invite. You can check out these other sites, too. Some are for free products, and others are for deeply discounted items.

I have received several great things for free that have been very useful to me, including many organic food items and books that were on my "to read" wish list. However, there have been times I have been asked to review random things, such as a TV antenna or a refrigerator filter that didn't go with my fridge model. To avoid bringing clutter into my home, I only review products I want or know that I will use.

What have you been able to review for free?

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