How to Get Free Shipping and Online Discounts Across the Web

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I have become a reluctant fan of online ordering, after dealing with some grief about it in the beginning. But it still rots my socks to have to pay for shipping, especially when it is pricey. Here’s how to get the best of both worlds: the convenience of shopping from home, and free shipping to go along with it.


Since reading Paul’s piece about Retailmenot, I never place an online order without first checking for coupons, which more often than not, save me more than a little bit of money.


But that darn shipping….how do you avoid these charges, which sometimes negate the value of the item you want to begin with?


Enter Simply input the name of the store you plan to place an order with, and up pops a list of coupon codes you can enter for free shipping.


Coupons are not limited to free shipping; a myriad of coupons with various conditions will pop up, depending on the popularity of your chosen online retailer.


Online window-shoppers will not be disappointed either. You can browse by category, store, or by recent or expiring coupons.


So although I don’t condone impulse shopping, I do approve of a good deal. If you are disciplined about brandishing your credit card and want to do some digging around to save extra money on your next online purchase, then check out


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I tried for an LL Bean order and was shown only an offer for free shipping if paying with an LL Bean credit card. Then I Googled LL Bean free shipping and found various promotion codes that I was able to use to get free shipping.

Guest's picture is a great website for online store coupons!

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