How to Have a Perfect No-Spend Weekend!

We all want to be to make getting out of debt a bigger priority in our lives, but what do you do if you’re not quite ready to make the full commitment (especially around the holidays) or if you’re not quite sure you’ll be able to handle it?

The perfect solution is a No-Spend Weekend! You’ll reap the benefits of cutting-back without the time commitment. After you get your feet wet with a No-Spend Weekend you just might be ready to try it for a year! (See also: How to do a Spending Fast in 16 (Easy!) Steps)

1. Remember: Potlucks Are Your Friend!

There are a ton of different potluck options. Get creative and try breakfast, dessert, or appetizer potlucks. Recently I went to a pumpkin potluck, and everyone brought something around the pumpkin theme. It was a very clever idea! When everyone brings something the burden is lifted from one person, and you just might get to try some new foods!

2. Clear Out the Clutter

Go through everything in the closets, in the basement, under the beds, in the dressers.

3. Volunteer

Put a deposit in your karma bank, and help a person or organization in need.

4. Tap Into Your Library or Community for Free Events

Every city has free events; pick up a local paper and look online for listings.

5. Nap

Relax! A no-spend weekend is the perfect time to take that nap you keep dreaming about.

6. Wash All Your Linens

Nothing is better than clean sheets!

7. Have a Sleepover

Channel your childhood, grab your sleeping bags, and stay up late telling ghost stories.

8. Sign Up for a Free Week at a Gym

Get out of a work-out rut quite like switching up your gym — even if it is just for a week (or a weekend)!

9. Try Out New Hairstyles

A whole new look for you could be as simple as parting your hair on the opposite side, slicking your hair back, conquering that fishtail braid, or simply pulling your hair up just a slightly higher ponytail.

What are your favorite no-spend activities, and have you tried a no-spend weekend?

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Tomorrow is officially "Clean out the Clutter" day in my house. Thanks for the tips!

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I try to have no spend weeks not just weekends. I do like clearing out the clutter and taking a nap. The best way not to spend money is to stay home or it u do go out keep your wallet at home! You cant spend if you dont have the money! Going to the library is a favorite of mine.