How to Make an Easter Basket for a Grown Man


Don’t let that big, strong man in your life fool you; past that tough-guy exterior is a soft, squishy, sensitive core that’s yearning for a pack of marshmallow Peeps.

Easter baskets aren’t just for kids anymore. My husband and I have gifted them to each other in the past, and it’s nice to wake up to something special and nostalgic on a day that we wouldn’t celebrate otherwise.

Being adults, however, the contents of the baskets differ dramatically from what a child’s might be filled with. To help you do it right, here are some ideas on how to build the perfect Easter surprise for your unsuspecting sweetie. (See also: 5 Affordable, Eco-Friendly Easter Ideas)

The Basket

You can pick up any ol’ Easter basket — for cheap — this time of year, but for an adult male it should serve a purpose outside of presenting the goodies in a nice way. Think inside the box — literally. Lunch, tool, and tackle boxes are awesome alternatives to the pastel-colored wicker baskets that he’ll toss in the trash after he’s emptied his stash. Anything with open space inside will work, really. To determine the perfect basket for your guy, think about what he needs. Maybe a new cooler? Or how about a nice backpack? The options are endless.

The Grass

Do not spend your money on the traditional plastic shreds. It’s a waste — and bad for the environment. Instead, take your cue from Martha Stewart and put scraps of (preferably) colored construction or tissue paper (frugal but still festive!) through a shredder for instant bottom-of-the-basket filler.

The Contents

The basket can be filled to the brim with candy and snacks — and he wouldn’t complain — but there tons of other necessities and gifts that you can give him that he’ll appreciate more and put to better use. (See also: 8 Gifts the Man in Your Life Really Wants)

Grooming Products

When he runs out of razors, what does he do? He tells you, because he thinks you’re the Gillette fairy. This time, grant his wish by stocking the basket with his favorite blades, cream, and aftershave. Other grooming products can include cologne, deodorant, and a fresh toothbrush. Also, I swear by Burt’s Bees lip balm, so that is a must-give in my house.

Socks and Undies

Because the ones he has are holier than this holiday, have the Easter Bunny make an even trade when your honey’s not looking; he won’t whine as much when he finds out they’re gone if he’s getting new pairs in exchange. To turn up the sexy, mix in a naughty nighty for him to discover.

Scratch-Off Tickets

They’re cheap, and they’re fun. And if he wins big and you’re married, you get half. I’m totally down with gifts that have mutual benefit.


A nice bottle of his choice spirit can be the centerpiece around which the basket is built. If he’s not a liquor drinker, a six-pack of beer will suffice. And if you’re really ambitious, fill large plastic eggs with airplane bottles to give the basket an extra splash of springtime cheer.

Gift Cards

Easter’s not considered a holiday for high-dollar gifts, but I’ve always thought $10 to $20 iTunes cards are completely appropriate for this particular scenario.

Show or Activity Tickets

My husband and I love activities, movies, concerts, and outdoor excursions — and with the daily deals sites, you can score a day trip well below retail. These are great gifts for two reasons:

  1. You get to spend quality time doing something entertaining with the one you love.
  2. It’s consumable — which means it won’t be sitting around collecting dust when the next holiday rolls around.


There was once a kite in my basket when I was a kid, and I loved it! It might seem like a juvenile gift to give a grown man, but when’s the last time he flew a kite? People just don’t think about this item — like, ever — which makes it all the more unexpected and fun.

Video Games

You have a whole cabinet full of games, so one more title won’t hurt. Scour the bargain bin at your local electronics retailer to score a great deal on one you can enjoy together.


Items with purpose should take up most of the space, but what’s an Easter basket with a few pieces of candy? Place his favorite brands in every nook and cranny to fill in the holes.

Have your own ideas on what to put in an Easter basket for your man? Let me know below.

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Andrea Karim's picture

Yes! Booze for Easter! I'm glad someone is finally speaking out on this important issue. ;)

Guest's picture

Hahah, I made my man an Easter basket last year.... I filled it full of fun stuff we could use together (Mostly in the bedroom) and his very favorite candies. To keep it cheap though, I bought most of the "fun time" stuff at a valentines sale at an on-line novelties store.

Meg Favreau's picture

Easter-time can also be a great excuse to get together with friends for an "egg" hunt, with a lot of the lower-cost stuff you mentioned above -- little bottles of booze, scratch-off tickets, or, yes, candy -- standing-in for (or tucked inside) the eggs.

Guest's picture

When I was growing up, my mother would make Easter baskets for the kids and a big Easter platter for the adults. When I was a teen, I took over as the Easter Bunny for my family and continued making a platter.

I love the suggestions above for gift Easter baskets. I'm now in my mid-40's and I still
like to make a small basket in a small decorative bowl for myself. Some years I've made a big one for my church community.

Guest's picture

Kites are great. LOL I think everyone loves candy.

Guest's picture
Ashley Weaver

Would liquor bottles be considered inappropriate? My boyfriend loves his alcohol, but his entire family is extremely religious and might think it was rude to put alcohol within a holiday that is religious.