How to Get a High Rating and Make More Money as an Uber Driver

If you currently drive for Uber or Lyft, or have considered using your vehicle to make money, then there are some tips you can take advantage of to earn even more. The secret to making the most money out of these services is by getting a high rating. The higher the rating, the more opportunities you'll have. With Lyft, that may mean a larger tip. Uber offers incentive programs to highly rated drivers. Here are some easy ways to earn a high rating while driving for these services. (See also: How to Earn Extra Money Driving for Uber or Lyft)

Provide the Best Service

By offering service above and beyond, you'll ensure a high rating from your passengers. Open the passenger door and help put their luggage in the trunk. Have phone chargers handy for your guests and don't forget to give your riders a high rating so they are more inclined to do the same for you.

Know the Area Well

The best drivers know their area well. They won't make a wrong turn or take the wrong exit because they got confused with the directions on their driving app. They know how to bypass congested areas safely and navigate smoothly. If the passenger thinks you're uneasy with the neighborhood, it'll make them less confident about your ability.

Ignore Your Phone

Many drivers use a Bluetooth headset or check their texts while they're driving. But it's never appropriate if you're on the job. Not to mention it can be illegal to use your phone while driving. You surely won't get a 5 star rating if you get stopped for a ticket.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Give your car a regular washing, inside and out. It should also smell clean, so it's a good idea to have a suble air freshener and drive with the windows down when there aren't passengers to air out any lingering odors. 

Dress and Act Professionally

One of Uber's highest rated drivers has a simple tip: If you're unhappy, don't come to work. The passengers aren't forcing you to work this job, in fact, they're paying you their hard earned money to provide a service. And just because you're not in an "office" it doesn't mean you should be dressed like you work from home. Dress in clean and neat clothes, and be polite and respectful. 

Keep the Music Low

Keep the music at a reasonable volume. Soothing music like jazz or classical can put passengers in a relaxed mood. You can also ask whether they have a preference in music. Some might prefer to have no music at all.

Don't Be Overly Friendly

Your passengers want a positive experience in your vehicle. It's important that you are friendly and sociable, without going overboard. Don't push the conversation, as many riders prefer to be left alone or want to have a conversation with their fellow passenger.

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How to Get a High Rating and Make More Money as an Uber Driver

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Do you drive for Uber, or from where do you gain the experience of how to earn more. I drove for Uber a few months and calculating the real costs of driving for them I was barely making money.