How to Make Your Kids Room Look Awesome for Under $100


When it comes to kids, fancy doesn't necessarily equate to fun. Sure, most youngsters would love to have a rideable dragon to explore far-away lands. But they're also just as easily entertained by a really good coloring book. So if you want to design an amazing bedroom for your child — one that reflects serenity, fun, and imagination — you're going to need a stock of creativity more than cash. (See also: 9 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Great for Under $100)

There are tons of fantastical little improvements you can integrate into a kids room that require very little money — so long as you're willing to get down and dirty with a paint brush and maybe a spot of hot glue. Read on for our roundup of some of the best budget room design enhancements that are sure to amaze your little one for years to come.

1. Make a Pool Noodle Headboard

What's cheap, colorful, and protects your child's noggin? Why, a headboard made of pool noodles, of course. Simply trace the shape of your desired headboard onto a sheet of wrapping or contact paper, cut the noodles with a kitchen knife to achieve the appropriate height, and hot glue the noodles onto the paper. Then use picture hanging tape to affix your new headboard to the old one — or straight onto the wall behind the bed. Voila! This project requires about 30 minutes and $15 dollars, depending on the brand of pool noodle you choose to buy. (See also: 20 Ways to Use Pool Noodles)

2. Apply Giant Animal Stickers on the Walls

Adding larger-than-life accents to your child's bedroom walls is one of the easiest ways to breathe life onto a blank canvas. All you need is a roll of removable wallpaper (these gorgeous prints by Spoonflower cost about $7.50 per foot) and stencils (lifestyle blogger Audrey Smit has flamingo and unicorn stencils available) — plus a little patience while you trace and cut out your designs. This project requires about 30 minutes and $22.50, depending on how many and how large you want your wall animals to be.

3. Encourage Your Tyke to Channel His or Her Inner Monkey

Bringing you child's favorite part of the jungle gym right into their own little sacred space is a great way to promote fun and fitness. One relatively low-cost option is the climbing cargo net, a ladder made of rope and wooden dowels that promotes coordination, balance, and strength. All you need is the net — we recommend the triple-wide climbing ladder by HearthSong ($49.98) — and the know-how to affix it firmly to the ceiling. Then take a step back and watch your little monkey get to climbing!

4. Coat the Walls With Chalkboard Paint

Coloring books and poster board are cool, but for kids it's always more fun to draw on forbidden surfaces. So why not transform those boring white bedroom walls into a blank canvas? Simply brush a thick coat of chalkboard paint ($6.99) onto the wall and let the creating begin! This project won't cost you more than the price of a can of paint and a couple pieces of chalk, assuming you already have a paint brush at the ready.

5. Accent the Walls With 3D Art

Another low-cost way to dress up the bedroom walls is with a DIY flock of origami birds or a cluster of decorative butterflies ($3.99). These wall accents add texture to an otherwise flat surface, not to mention they are one of the trendiest features right now in kid bedroom design. Simply buy or create your desired 3D objects and secure them to the wall with double-sided tape. No matter which route you choose, this project will cost you no more than a few bucks.

Have you gussied up your kid's room for cheap? What'd you do? Please share in comments!

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