How to Pick and Cut a Watermelon (and Eat the Rind Too!)

It's watermelon season! There are few things better than eating watermelon on a hot summer day. Now, if only it was easier to get it onto your plate. Here are some tips on how to pick and then cut a watermelon. (See also: 6 Unique Ways to Eat Watermelon)

Joanne Ozug from FifteenSpatulas explains how to pick the best watermelon, and then how to cut it. If you prefer to look at pretty pictures and read the instructions, check out her blog post, How to Pick a Superstar Watermelon.

If this seems like a lot of work, this guy proves you can cut a watermelon in 21 seconds.

If you prefer to serve them in wedges, here's how to cut watermelon wedges.

And don't throw away the rinds! You can make pickled watermelon rinds.

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