How to Quickly Compare Rewards Programs When You Shop Online


Wise internet shoppers usually search for some coupon or cash back reward before adding an item to their shopping carts. The problem is that there are so many cash back and mileage reward programs that sometimes it is hard to decide which one to use. Luckily my friend Jim told me about a site that lets you search and compare the best rewards for the stores you frequent.

The site is called ev'reward, and this is how it works. First, type in a store name in the search box. For example, if you want to buy something at, type "" and click the "Find" button. Now a variety of offers and rewards programs will show up.

The first section shows coupons and discount offers, and then there is a rich section of rewards programs including cash back, college savings, points programs, and frequent flyer miles. The site also lists the percentage you get back very clearly so you can compare which program to use for your purchase.

As long as you know which store you want to visit, ev'reward is an awesome tool to comparison shop the coupons and rewards you can get. The site also has a decent deals section that you can browse and it definitely saved me some time in comparing cash back and credit card rewards.

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While this looks good -- it's not all-inclusive. For example, it does not include American Airlines rewards program:

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I like the coupons part, I don't need any more ads for credit cards or loyalty programs as they like to call them. was decently inclusive, I would use it to help me look for discounts.