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By Paul Michael on 19 February 2007 10 comments

On the back of my last article about saving on your gas, I thought of going one better. How about not paying for your car at all? Yup, there are ways to get a free car and the catches are quite minor. Or, if you prefer, you can keep your own car and get paid $400 a month to drive it. Now that's what I call motoring.

I first discovered this site called FreeCarMedia a few months ago while I was researching a project for a client. There are two ways to go with this program. First, you can get a free car that's wrapped in a company-sponsored ad. All you pay for is gas and insurance (and I've already told you how to cut down on those gas costs). Or, you can get your own car wrapped in an ad and receive a nice, handsome check for as much as $400 every month.

First, Your Very Own FREE Car

Just fill out an application and play the waiting game. All you need is a clean drivers license. The more info you give the advertisers, the more likely you'll be matched to a suitable offer. This takes a little time, but if you are chosen (and many people are) you'll get a brand new car to use for two years. Of course, the big catch is that you're driving around in a humungous ad for something. It could be sneakers, coffee, a magazine, anything. If you don't like the offer you're matched with, you simply say no. But if you really don't fancy that idea, maybe you'd prefer the easier option...wrapping your own car.

Turn Your Car Into a Mobile Ad for Up to $400 a Month

This certainly seems to be the more popular option. Simply fill out the application and when you're chosen you can opt to wrap your own car (and if your current motor looks like it could use a little TLC, it's not such a bad thing). Again, you do become a mobile ad. But for that kind of money, you'll more than cover the costs of gas and wear and tear. If you're worried about what the wrap process will do to your lovely car, they have that covered.

The Wrapping Process

I was concerned about this too. What if they rip this thing off and half the paintwork comes with it? Here's what the site has to say about wrapping your vehicle.

Using a digital template of the car’s exterior, a graphic artist designs how the advertisement will look on the car.

The image is then printed on a high quality 3M vinyl material in sheets in a similar way you would see wallpaper. A solid material is used for the surface of the car and a perforated “one way” material is printed to cover the rear windshield and rear side windows.

Workers then affix the vinyl sheets in the proper places, overlapping the sheets slightly to cover the surface of the car. The vinyl is flexible enough to conform to curved surfaces of the car, such as fenders and doors. The vinyl can also be trimmed as necessary to fit around windows, lights, etc.

Once the graphics are placed on the vehicle you are all set to go! The graphics will last up to three years in any weather conditions and can be washed just like your normal car either by hand or at a powerful car wash.

When the program is over, we will have one of our certified installers remove the wrap. The exterior of the vehicle is then returned to normal.

Other "Car Wrap" Sources

I'm familiar with FreeCarMedia, but there are others you may want to check out. They include AdsOnWheels and AdWraps. However, do your research well with any of these sites, and be wary of anyone asking for any kind of sign-up fee. So, you know the catches, you know the rewards. All you have to do now is decide if a free car or free cash is something you want in exchange for being a big ol' ad.

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webmaster's picture

"As an Ambassador to the company you are representing, we will educate you on the company and provide you with samples of their products whenever possible."

Man, that's all kinds of awesome!

They have a pretty cool list of clients.  I would almost drive the ad car for Entourage and Six Feet Under for free.  And if you get assigned to the KY Personal Lubricant car, you'll have free samples to hand out.  =)


Andrea Karim's picture

Way to let me in on the secret AFTER I bought my first new car, Paul.

Will Chen's picture

You can have them wrap your car up.  Maybe with one of those "hot girl lying on side of car" kind of deals like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.

Andrea Karim's picture

Plus, with my luck, they'd tell me "It's going to be a really hot gal giving the camera a smoldering look" and it'll turn out to be an ad for herpes medication or something.

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I have paid into Free Car Media for over two years. I have not received a phone call or anything. I am always on that website updating information.

I used to email the person who operates this website, even she stopped emailing. I have waited patiently for over two years waiting and waiting for a "free" car. What did you do to get a car? I live in Northern California. There located near Los Angeles and I am not. I am beginning to think that this "free car" offer is only for those living in or around Santa Monica, basically Southern California.

Guest's picture

First of all, to get the free car, you need to live in a MAJOR metropolitan area. Then, you need to be driving around a lot - day and night, for maximum visibility. And, when you park it, you need to be in a high visibility area. Don't even think of putting it in your garage.

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I'm looking for a job that offer a new car, Try this site free car advertising

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Victor Biggs

In desperate need of a car, I just can't afford payments period, I do have a job, actually two jobs, but still isn't enough for a car payment plus INS.

Guest's picture

Is this still available? I am interested. I need a car!!

Guest's picture

Freecarmedia was only interested in selling me the services of Uber and Clickbank after I wasted my time signing up with them.