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  • What awesome things can you do with it? 


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Live wirelessly.  Print wirelessly.

HP's C6380 Wireless All-in-One Photosmart Printer is a great device for a home or home office.  It offers a trifecta of awesome features:

  1. Wireless connectivity -- have a printer available on your WiFi network all the time.
  2. All-in-One functionality -- the C6380 is also a capable copier and scanner.
  3. Photosmart technology -- print beautiful photographs from home.

Click here to learn more information about the C6380 and other HP wireless printers.


Quick Review

The setup was quick and easy.  I'm impressed with the ease of the wireless network setup.  There were a few first day glitches, but nothing infuriating. 

I'm excited about the all-in-one functionality.  I'll be replacing an aging (slow) scanner and B&W only printer.  And I'll be adding a copying functionality I didn't have before.  All in the same amount of space one of the old devices took up.

The best part?  It's all done wirelessly.  No cable tethering my laptop to the printer.  No cable from the printer to the router.  No more dragging the printer cable from one computer to another.  The HP wireless printer is always available to any computer in our wireless network.  Sweet!

The worst thing I can say about HP's wireless all-in-one printer is that it's noisy.  It makes a racket when it warms up and when it's printing.  In between print jobs, it makes random noises.



What you see in this picture is everything that was in the box.  I got my review version directly from HP.  The retail box might have less than this.  There's no indication of what's supposed to be inside the box on the outside of the box. 

Unboxed wireless printer (click for larger image) Here's what was in the box (clockwise in the picture, starting with the printer):

  • Printer.
  • Ink cartridge tray (print head).
  • Power brick and cable.
  • Extra box of the color cartridges (cyan / magenta / yellow cartridges).
  • Starter ink cartridges -- 5 cartridges including regular black, photo black, blue, magenta, and yellow.
  • Brochure paper.   There was a box of 100 sheets included. I doubt this is in the retail box.
  • Photo book with 12 sheets of 4x6" photo paper.  It's nice that the box comes with something to play with immediately.  May not be in the retail box.
  • HP C6300 series software CD.
  • Photosmart Essentials CD.   Not needed.  The main software CD has a newer version of Photosmart Essentials.
  • Setup guide and instruction manual.



Setup was a breeze.  It took me a total of 30 minutes to go from boxed printer to printing something.

1. Unbox. Plug in.  Install print cartridges.  Let printer initialize cartridges. 

About 10 minutes.  It took a few minutes to install the cartridges because I was being extra careful snapping off the protective tabs and taking pictures.  The setup guide was very easy to follow.

The printer took 2 minutes to initialize the cartridges.   I loaded the paper during this time.

Tip: go ahead and twist harder to remove the plastic orange caps.  They're meant to be broken off.

New sealed cartridge.  Twist the plastic orange cover off.Opened cartridge.Installed cartridges.

2. Connect printer to wireless network. 

On-screen keypad (click for larger image)3 minutes.  I expected this step to take the longest but it was the easiest part of the setup.  I'm very impressed with the easy printer-to-network wireless setup.  It took me a while to enter my wireless passphrase, but otherwise, the setup went very smoothly.  No glitches here.

Small nit: it's a pain to enter a 26-character WEP passphrase using the onscreen "keyboard".  Especially if you have a passphrase that's a mix of letters and numbers, because you have to switch screens by navigating to, then clicking the abc or 123 key.  It's a pain, but fortunately, you only have to do it once.  Entering the passphrase (and double checking it was correct) took most of the 3 minutes of this step.

3. Install printer software.

15 minutes.  Once the printer is connected to the wireless network, the next step is to get your computer(s) to recognize the printer over the network.  The software bundled with the printer supports Windows XP and Vista, and Mac OSX.  This step actually took the longest, though most of the time was spent waiting.  I didn't have to respond to many prompts while the software downloaded and installed itself, so I had a cup of coffee and caught up with the sports page.

The only glitch during this step was near the end when the software said a firewall was blocking its test connection to the printer, even though it had no problems finding the printer.  All I had to do to "fix" it was to hit retry.  The second connection attempt worked flawlessly.

5. Print print print!

At this point, the printer was fully setup.  It was time to start printing....


Review of Features

1. Wireless printing and scanning

The wireless connection is the best thing about the C6380.  My previous printer was USB based.  I share the printer with my roommate, and it's a pain having to pass the printer cable back-and-forth.

Being an all-in-one printer with copying and scanning capability is a big bonus.  Getting rid of the old scanner and printer, while adding copying funtionality, is a big boon to the home office.  Doing it all wirelessly makes us very very happy.

Once you install the bundled software on a computer, the printer acts like any other printer that is attached directly to the computer.  As a scanner, it's available to applications like Adobe Photoshop or Window's Paint program as a scanner, so you can import scans directly.

2. Photo printing

The photo quality is fantastic.  I didn't expect self-printed photos would come out as well as they did.  It's easy to print single photos using the HP Solution Center (the program that you use to control the printer) using photos on the computer, USB thumb drive, attached camera, or other storage devices containing photos.  Using the bundled Photosmart Essentials software, it was a breeze to create a photo book.

3. Copying

This worked beautifully!  Put the document on the glass top, hit a button, and get a photocopy.  I've never had a flat-bed copier at home before, and I'm digging having it now.  I'm really excited about not having to go to FedEx (fka Kinko's) to make photocopies.  Both B&W and color copies came out very nicely.

4. Print photo directly from memory card

memory card and USB inputsI took the SD memory card from my digital camera and stuck it in the front of the printer. The front of the printer has slots for CF, XD, SD, and MicroSD memory cards.  You can also plug in a USB device like an external hard drive or a PictBridge capable digital camera.   It was quick and easy to browse the memory card for pictures, rotate them, and print them out (while correcting for red-eye). 

5. Scanning

Scanning works really well.  It's a lot faster than our old Canon standalone scanner. 


What's Not Great?

There were only a few glitches that were easily cleared up and a few annoyances.  All in all, setting up and using this wireless printer was a pleasure -- much easier than I expected it would take.  The noise is the biggest problem with this printer.

1. Printer is noisy. [biggest weakness]

This is the only real problem I have with the printer.  All of the other issues I have are first-day / installation issues that can be expected from any new gadget.  It's not jet-engine loud, but you wouldn't want to print stuff while talking on the phone in the same room. 

It's loud when it's warming up.  It also makes random noises between print jobs.  It's disconcerting when the printer suddenly makes a noise after 10 minutes of silence.

2. Had to reseat one of the ink cartridges. [first day issues]

On the second photo I printed, no red (magenta) color printed on half the photo.  So I had half a photograph with perfect colors, with the other half being greenish.  Reseating the magenta ink cartridge and running the head-cleaning function (via the Setup menu) cleared up the problem on subsequent photo prints.

3. Color streaking in first batch of photos printed. [first day issues]

A few photos in the first 10 or so I printed had streaky printing, like you might see when the ink cartridges are running low.  As the printer has warmed up and I've sent more photo print jobs to it, the streaks have disappeared.  I'm chalking up the streaking to the ink cartridges being brand new.

You may have to discard a bunch of photos from your first batch of photo prints.  Do a few test prints on plain paper first to avoid wasting expensive photo paper.  Also, you may use up the initial color ink cartridges that ship with the printer very quickly.

4. Computer-printer connection required a retry. [installation glitch]

During the installation of the printer software on my Windows computer, it tried to make a connection (over the wireless network) to the printer.  The software had no problems finding the printer, but claimed it couldn't talk to the printer because port 427 was being blocked by a firewall.  Just hitting retry (without doing anything else first) did the trick.




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Guest's picture
Jason Watson

Life would be easier with this printer because I would not have to go to Walmart to pick up the pictures anymore, and I love the fact that I would be able to scan things to my computer and begin to go paperless.

Guest's picture

My printer broke recently. I'm a photographer and need to use my printer regularly, so I would LOVE to win this!

Guest's picture

The photosmart printer would make my life easier as I wouldn't have to go to the store every time I want a photo. I do a lot of scrapbooking and this would come in handy!!

Guest's picture

I would love to have this printer. I am a retired gal who loves to take photos of my grandkids and things around the homeplace. Please draw my name!

Guest's picture

I would love to win this so I could print photos of my adorable kids at home - and make photo books for far away family - and scan in documents to e-mail - and go wireless!

Guest's picture

I run a local Red Cross in New Jersey that is having some pretty serious financial issues -- as are we all in the non-profit world.

Having a free printer that is wireless and can handle all sorts of memory cards for printing would be a boon to our office. We are limited to one color printer and it is tethered to my computer. Having one that can easily be moved to classrooms (first aid/CPR, lifeguarding, disaster volunteer, etc.) would be very helpful.

Our chapter is at http://www.tricountyredcross.org on the web, and in Union, Somerset and Middlesex counties in NJ in the material world.


Guest's picture

Life would be easier because my wife wouyld edit and print the photos from her pc. This would help tremendously as her creative talents are so much more than mine and I have to ask her to review everythign before printing in the first place.

Guest's picture

We have three people in our household, with various desktops and laptops that come and go. Right now we have to take turns on the desktop desk to hook the cable up when needed. With a wireless printer, all 3 of us can work when we want, where we want.

Guest's picture
Nancy Bird

A color printer! A copier! How awesome!
It would really be nice to be able to print out pictures, color documents, copies, from my own printer...

Guest's picture

This printer would make my life easier since I wouldn't have to futz with my current printer. When it works, it works well. But there's an awful lot of "whens" when it just doesn't want to print.
The first thing I would do with this awesome printer is print out some great handouts for the high school kids in the Sunday school class I teach.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Guest's picture

Thanks for offering this great giveaway. A combo printer like this would make my life easier in many ways. I could scan important documents, eliminating many paper files. My husband and i could print wirelessly instead of playing musical chairs to print. I could print photos at home for my scrapbooking projects. The list goes on and on. I hope I win!

Guest's picture

My current printer is a lousy hand-me-down (not that I'm not grateful, Mom!). Plus, I'm nine months pregnant and living in a 3 story townhome. Wireless capability, since my laptop is on the first floor and my printer on the third, would make my life A LOT easier.

Guest's picture

My life would be easier because this printer works with Vista, and my old printer currently does not, which means I can only print from my partners computer. It's also far easier to network than our current old one - wireless for the win!

As for the neat things I could do with it, well, I have my baby, my Nikon, and could print many amazing photos with it!

Guest's picture

Wow, great giveaway!

My small desk in my already small house would love the space-saving aspect of a wireless printer, for sure.

I'd have two uses for a great photo printer: 1) actually printing some of the photos I'm taking w/ my new digital SLR; 2) printing and framing some of the 560 wedding photos I just received on disc from the photographer.

Guest's picture

It would make my life easier, because my current color printer is too far away from my PC to be hooked up. So I just use it for copying. A wireless printer would make my desk look a lot neater, as well. I would use it for worksheets and photos for my class (I teach a special education class of 4 boys). It would make teaching a lot more colorful!

Guest's picture

This would be easier since currently to print I have to bring my laptop to my printer in the other room most of time and wire it in.

This would let me print out my own photos instead of ordering them online.

Guest's picture

I vote for the Red Cross Person - it will count as a tax write-off, especially if you do it before the 15th. If you decide against them then send it to me. I have a linux box and xp system and a vista system so its a pain printing. That and we only have a black and white laser printer. My kids would love to print color again. But o, boy, the paper cuts! Can the Red Cross bandage me up?

Guest's picture

A wireless, photosmart printer would make my life easier by allowing me to place my printer in a more convenient location and eliminate the need for one more visible wire (usb cable).

I would be able to print higher quality photos from my new digital SLR.

Guest's picture

At this point I only have a desktop. Mostly I do without printing...I tell myself that I'm saving trees--which IS true but it make life difficult. I am a knitter and no printer makes using patterns off the internet cumbersome. No grandkid pictures in the wallet for same reason.

Guest's picture
Carolyn G

This wireless would our lives easier because we can use our laptops in other parts in the house to work and don't have to be stuck int the office. I would love to be able to print our photos and this printer looks like ti would be perfect for that.

Guest's picture

This would make my life easier because I don't currently have a printer! I would print pictures on it since I have a few packs of photo paper but no printer to print them on!

Guest's picture

Of course, I love the idea of not having to go to the store to print or pick up my pictures, but I think I would use this most to improve the quality of my kids school projects. I teach them at home so I also use my printer for teaching aids, etc. I'm sure the print quality would be much better than I have now! :)

Guest's picture
martha in mobile

A wireless printer would be awesome because I work from home, my husband brings work home, and my son does his schoolwork at home. How great would it be if all of us could use the same wireless printer?

The printer would be located near our "landing strip" so that we could grab our papers and photos on our way out the door to work, school, and client meetings!

Guest's picture

A wireless printer would make any laptop user's life easier! You would be able to print from your couch rather than have to plug it in every time. It would be nice to have one by the door so you can grab printed directions or photos on your way out so you wouldn't forget them.

Guest's picture

* How would a wireless, photosmart printer make your life easier?
I could go completely cable-less (I'll have wifi in my building next year!)
* What awesome things can you do with it?
Scan handouts and syllabi from class, go paperless, yet finally get around to printing my photos in decent quality.

Guest's picture

As with many families we have many laptops floating around between all the family members. This printer would make it so much easier to print. We would no longer have to go hook up to the printer. I also love the idea of printing photos at home.

Guest's picture

I've got to break down and get a wireless printer soon. Finally, people in my house would stop emailing me their documents to print (b/c mine is the only machine that is connected to our wired printer.)

Plus, I'm a photographer. Amateur, but nonetheless a photographer who doesn't print nearly as many photos because of the marginal quality of her current printer.

Guest's picture

* How would a wireless, photosmart printer make your life easier?

Simple! I'd never have to leave the house for digital photo printing, copying, or scanning. I'd also never have to go out of my way to transfer everything to the one computer with printer software available.

* What awesome things can you do with it?
I took an amazing trip to India, and I have been dying to enlarge some of the photos to a full sheet of paper. I would be able to hang these larger photos as artwork in my apartment. :)

Guest's picture

This would be so nice to have to do our farm brochures on. We have a small farm with a herd of dairy goats and we humanely raise beef, lamb, and pork for direct to consumer purchase.

We are also a family that has one cable printer that we all have to take turns using, so this would be a very welcome addition!

Guest's picture

After 2 years of working a soul-sucking job I decided to go back to what I love and go back to school to get a masters. Unfortunately, my printer is broken and since my husband and I make very little money we aren't replacing it. I have to print things at the library, which is a pain. This printer would make life so much easier and save my husband and I money. Also, since I'm a music graduate assistant I have to copy lots of music so the scanner would be a great thing to have.

Guest's picture

Thank you so much for doing this. Winning this printer would make a big difference to me. I have been trying to declutter my life, and the task at hand is my desk, which is covered with papers, books, bills and just general clutter. I would love to be able to put a printer on my desk that has no extra wires to get tangled. The other positive to this is that I would have to make less trips to Target or Wal-mart to get my pictures developed and in all likelihood getting higher quality prints.

Guest's picture

A wireless printer would do wonders for me, because as it stands now I don't have a permanent place to set my printer that is also within a cables length of my computer. I have to keep it in a box until I need to use it, then set it up on the floor and plug it in, then put it away when I'm done.
Of course, it would be totally awesome to print photos through the printer as opposed to trying to run them through my computer first, since my computer doesn't seem to understand where the pictures need to go and I always have a hard time finding them. I'd probably take a lot more pictures if it was that convenient.

Guest's picture

My wife often uses her laptop on the kitchen table. But anytime she wants to print anything, she has to turn my computer on upstairs (or more likely she bothers me to do it), and then has to wait for it to boot up before she can print whatever it is she needs. The most convenient place for both of us is nowhere near the router so that eliminates the possibility of a wired network printer.

Guest's picture
Kevin K Douglas

I can reduce the clutter of having several machines and wiring that snake around our modest home office that controls the activity of our completely voluntary Feral Cat Rescue program.

We operate several desktops, printers, scanners and printers to produce educational materials, photo-document our rescues, and coordinate our activities with other memebers.

This could help make our work efforts that much more efficient!


Guest's picture

the printer would make my life easier because i'm always printing art work and my current black and white printer makes it hard to make the details of the paintings i need copies of! if i got this printer, i would also start printing out color pictures to hang up in our house!

Guest's picture

This printer sounds fantastic!

We have the typical moving of cables between home laptops, and frequently with both of us bringing work laptops home and needing to print from time to time, this would be a great convenience. I would also be able to get back part of my file cabinet, whenever one of the other computers needs to print I lose the space.

I currently print out most of my pictures on snapfish, but occasionally when I have wanted to do a spur of the moment project I didn't have a quick and easy way to print out photos. I prefer decorating with photos rather than buying prints.

Guest's picture

because I'd be able to scan my daughter's various art projects and print copies when her grandparents visit. I'd be able to distribute pictures of my children to visiting family and not have to clean house, tend kids, shop, cook, social calendar, AND fetch photos/copies ala kinkos. Also, I could work on my family cook book, printing recipes and lists. And maintain my very minimalist lifestyle. AND not have children tripping over unnecessary wires.

Guest's picture

This printer would make my life easier by allowing me to print materials at home instead of having to run downtown to my office or my school. I would use this printer to print my wedding invitations!

Guest's picture

This would be so nice to have to do our farm brochures on. We have a small farm with a herd of dairy goats and we humanely raise beef, lamb, and pork for direct to consumer purchase.

We are also a family that has one cable printer that we all have to take turns using, so this would be a very welcome addition!

Guest's picture

I have an older HP printer scanner copier but it does not print pictures well. I am looking into buying a laptop and the wireless connectivity would be super awesome to have and I am soon going to have a roommate and we could share the printer. My family is spread all over the country so I rely on pictures of my niece, I would love to be able to print pictures from home. My current picture I have is almost a year old = (

Guest's picture
Robert in SF

I would love to have a wireless photo printer...

Wireless would help increase the overall beauty of my home, as the space I have for a printer is across the room and a printer wire is not only unsightly but also a safety hazard!

A great photo printer would make it much more convenient to print photos to send home to my mom, as she is almost a luddite! She doesn't own a computer and as such can't really appreciate any of the photos I take here in SF or own my travels.

So this printer especially fits the bill!

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Guest's picture

I don't even have a printer right now! My last one died and I haven't picked up a new one yet. The wireless part would be awesome...I have a very small apartment and it would make it easy for me to tuck it into a different room away from the computer where there is more space. And, the kids would finally have a printer for their school projects again!

Guest's picture

No more switching cables! And, I can finally start printing family photos at home, and quickly share them!

Guest's picture

We're sending the youngest of our 4 daughters off to college in 2 months. Would love to send her off with a good solid printer.

Guest's picture

I need a printer that is wireless because I don't have a printer. There is a need for it and it would provide many benefits ;-) Instead, I have to go to the library or OfficeMax.

I would do really cool things like print text, photos, resumes, etc. That is really cool (hey, it would have been 50+ years ago at least).

Guest's picture

I'm a grad student with a small living space. My current printer (which is broken so I don't know why I evens still have it, is a footrest under my desk. Currently my roommate and I have to take a 2 mile trip into work to print anything. It'd be great not to have to plan running errands around printing a single piece of paper.

Guest's picture
Judy - JoJo and Bear Studio

I would love a wireless, photosmart printer. Right now, I only have a printer that does not include a scanner or a copier.
How cool would it be to have an all in one printer? I am just starting my own business and would love to have this printer.

I make custom invitations and unique greeting cards. Since this printer is wireless, I can take it to another part of the room to work on my creation.
This printer would save me a lot of money as well. I have to always take my samples to Kinkos or Staples to get it scan or copy.

I would use this printer to upload many of my artwork. I can hook up my digital camera to the printer and have instant pictures. Right now, I have to hook up my digital camera to my hub and go to a program to download the pictures on to the computer and then print it. It will save time for me and I can better use my time to make other artwork.

Guest's picture

I would just love to add this to our homeschool. We use a wireless laptop for many of our activities and it would be SO nice to be able to just print our work out from wherever we are rather than having to get to the printer, plug in, and hope it works correctly. Add to that a copy function (which we so need for copying worksheets, project patterns, and the like), and this seems like an ideal solution.
We've all got our fingers crossed :)

Guest's picture

i'd be able to work from anywhere in my home and print, without having to have my laptop connected to the printer. that would be a godsend. and also, being able to scan artwork sketches.

Guest's picture

This would be terrific! I was just mentioning this to someone recently...here's hoping I win! :)

Guest's picture

* How would a wireless, photosmart printer make your life easier?
A wireless printer would enable me to print all of my documents at home and start saving the money I spend trucking up to Kinko's everyday. Plus it would save my business money by printing business cards & advertising at home too.

* What awesome things can you do with it?
I'd be able to reduce the clutter in my home office and finally start getting rid of all of those cables I say I might need one day!

Guest's picture
Joisas Sop

*The Wireless Photosmart will make my life easier in a way that Me personally will not have to get up every single time that i have to print something and go plug my Laptop on the House computer/ Printer.
*The cool thing i could do with such Device is that I CAN FINALLY PLUG IN MY EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE STRAIGHT TO THE PRINTER. AWESOME. Yeah. Priting pictures right after they have been taken is just a great thing for Paries so that everyone could actualy take a physical souvenir when they leave.

Guest's picture

We have 3 different computers in the house; it would be nice to be able to print from any of them without having to move cords around!

Also, my husband is a budding photographer. It would be nice to be able to print his pictures right at home.


Guest's picture

What a great giveaway! The wireless all-in-one printer would be wonderful to win! My fiance and I live in a small 2-bedroom apartment in an effort to keep living costs down. That means our office doubles as a guest bedroom. Having a bed and two desks in a small room makes it very crowded, so there isn't a convenient place for a printer. With a wireless printer, we could be very flexible and place it somewhere out-of-the-way, and we'd both be able to use it!

Guest's picture

A wireless, photosmart printer would be so convenient. I wouldn't have to find a place right next to my computer for the printer and deal with even more wires. A wireless printer would clear up space in my already crowded computer room!

I've been meaning to print pictures of a road trip I took with my sister last year, and I still haven't printed out photos from my wedding 3 years ago...the shame, the shame! A quality printer would really motivate me to finish those projects.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Guest's picture

1. I would love this because I'm a grad student (meaning I do a lot of printing, especially document printing) and my fiance and I just bought our first house, which is TINY - so having wireless capabilities on the printer would be a space saver. And I'd love to be able to print pictures because we are getting married in June!
2. Print out documents like I usually do; print out our wedding pictures; and I'm teaching my first class in the fall, so it would be great to do some color handouts for the students!

Guest's picture

Wowsers! This printer rocks and would make my life a piece of cake because there are no mounds balled-up, spaghetti like, cables for my Chihuahua to chew on. This would totally be useful for printing out pics of my dog doing nutty stuff.

Guest's picture

A wireless, photosmart computer could improve my life in a myriad of ways. As a struggling college student, I wake up every morning at 6:00 A.M. to get a ride or catch the bus to my campus, just so I can use my school's computer lab to complete and print out my assignments / papers.

Because I can't afford a fast computer (nevermind a decent printer), I usually don't leave campus until our school's library closes at 9:30 P.M. each night from Monday to Thursday. I have just enough time when I get home to study course material, go over some homework, brush my teeth, go to bed, and do it all over again the next day.

I could do a slew of awesome things with a Photosmart printer. I could finally print out my assignments / and papers in full color, and even be able to set up a Wi-Fi network in my domicile so that I could just print important documents in the comfort of my own home. This printer would be a huge blessing to me.

Guest's picture

I've been living without a printer for a while, which is difficult in and of itself. I've been wanting a GOOD, photo-capable printer (and the wireless is a serious bonus!) because I work from home and also volunteer with church and an elementary school. I really need to be able to print helps for the teachers, games for the kids, bulletins, and snazzy promotions - as well as printing out things I've written so I can easily proof-read offline.

My passion is the volunteer work I do - with end-of-grade tests coming up at the school and with VBS coming soon at church, I really NEED this printer!

Guest's picture

How would a wireless, photosmart printer make your life easier?
Winning this wireless printer would be great because I love to take photographs of EVERYTHING. Printing them at home would be so much easier and definately less costly.

Also my college graphic design student would be able to print from her laptop when she's is home rather then having to load things on her flash drive and then setting up our old printer to print.

What awesome things can you do with it?
The capabilities and possiblies of very creative work are endless for us. This would open up oportunities for us to show our work to others in a timely fashion.


Guest's picture

How would a wireless, photosmart printer make your life easier?
-It would be a huge help. Our current printer is wired, and we don't even have it set up right now because of that. We don't have a computer desk, so our laptop lives on our coffee table, and there simply isn't room for the printer as well. It would be a huge help to have this, so that we could put the printer in another room where there is more space.

What awesome things can you do with it?
-Simply the fact that it has so many capabilities is the cool thing; I love having one machine that can do many things.

Guest's picture

I recently just convinced my mother, who's widowed and has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis for about 20 years, to purchase a laptop. Over the past few years her mobility has gotten progressively worse to the point where she's pretty severely limited in regards to getting around. She has an old printer that she uses, but it's not an all-in-one kind and it's usually a struggle for her when she wants to connect the laptop to it. (There's been a couple instances of the laptop taking drops from the walker in the process.) So what this equals is usually me getting emails of things to print for her and me carrying stacks of paper that I printed out for her every time I return home from school then returning back to my place with new stacks of paper that she needs me to copy and scan. A wireless printer may be the answer, up to this point, I didn't even know they existed. She'd be ecstatic that she wouldn't have to lug her laptop to connect to her old piece of junk to have it print something and also wouldn't have to wait for me to come home so she can get copies made of things she needs. Me on the other hand, I'd be pretty pumped about all the ink that it'd save me as a result!

Guest's picture
Jason Hunt

1) It would help me because my fiancee and I currently have laptops, which we end up using mostly in our living room away from our printer. We use a wireless network currently and being able to tap into it with our printer would allow us to work where we are comfortable instead of having to be attached directly to the printer. Also, we have an older HP printer that does decent photos, but usually has issues with printing properly, and have been looking to replace it.

2) It would allow me to print out high quality color photos from anywhere in my house, and hopefully print them out more often!

Guest's picture

We have no printer currently. But with my hubby job hunting it would really help us a lot.

Guest's picture

I do a lot of photo work with the youth I work with at my church and it would be so great to be able to print wirelessly from my computer and print photos out this way.

The kids would love it and it would just be so much easier!

Guest's picture
liz m.

This printer would make my life so much easier in many ways. 1. I could print out photos for scrapbooking and provide inexpensive yet heartfelt gifts to my family and friends. 2. I could scan my non-digital photos and back them up on the hard drive to preserve them. 3. I can scan and copy important documents and preserve them as well. This would be a great archiving tool for me. I could create a whole digitized back up of my filing cabinet.

Guest's picture

I recently had to upgrade my computer system after a hardware failure which rendered my old scanner and printer obsolete (scanner doesn't have 64-bit drivers for my OS and printer doesn't have USB and my new motherboard doesn't have parallel). Plus, we have a laptop with a wireless connection that has never been able to print.

This wireless printer/scanner would be the solution to our home printing needs. My wife is a school teacher, constantly needing to print lesson plans, IEPs and materials. I am the president of our condo association and need to print fliers and newsletters for the building. Both of these activities have been regulated to trips to the local library at 10 cents a page. Plus, I've had to put scanning old photos on hold. This machine would find regular use in our home.

Guest's picture
Melissa J

This printer would make my life easier for a few reasons. First we have multiple computer owners in this house, so having a printer we can all share that's in a central place and does everything would be awesome. Second, we currently have a wired all in one printer and a wireless basic printer. Which means if someone needs to use the all in one features, photo printing etc, we have to fire up the relic of a pc that the wired all in one is connected too, so i've got plenty of pics, etc that I never get around to printing, because it's a hassle to boot up that one. If I won one of these, I could sell off both of my other printers and simplify the process.

As for what awesome things could I do with it? I've just started scrapbooking, so that would make that easy. Also - I have a work from home business, and could use this to make some awesome fliers and mailers.

Guest's picture

My workspace is usualy the kitchen table with my laptop. The printer is in the office with my hubby. You can see my dilema I'm sure...

If I had this, I'd finally be able to scan all my photos!

Guest's picture

I'm getting married this summer so having a wireless printer would make it so much easier for my husband and I to print without having to deal with lots of wires!

Needless to say, I'll be printing lots of photos from the wedding to scrapbook! :)

Guest's picture
Jenn B

Because I would not have to go upstairs with my laptop and plug it into the printer everytime I have to print something.

Guest's picture

My current laser printer is connected to the desktop computer so I have to turn that computer on whenever I need to remote print from any of the notebook computers. So a wireless printer would save me the trouble of turning on that computer and also save some electricity because the desktop computer won't have to be up and idle just to serve as a conduit. Also, I do get some photo prints now and then. A photoprinter would save 29 cents per print, minus cost of printing supplies but plus time and gas to go pick up the prints from the CVS store.

Guest's picture

I had an HP Wireless All-in-One Photosmart Printer because I work in the development dept. of a new non profit arts organization - and we're in desperate need of a quality printer! I frequently print photos, brochures, and other fundraising documents, and having a printer like this at my desk would make life so much easier. It'd be great for my office; as I say, we're a brand new organization and are just hobbling along with hand me down printers right now...oh the money we could raise with quality photos and brochures!

Guest's picture

I am 58 w/m on SSDI I don't have a printer and can't even afford the cheapest at wal-mart. it's hard to even pay for food. in fact i can't afford to pay for my meds. my meds cost more than i make. anyway thanks for letting me try to win. thx gary

Guest's picture

My wife, kids, and I currently share one printer and scanner hooked up to a computer via USB. My wife is a part time teacher that doesn't get computer support from the school. She's always having to print, scan, and prepare her lessons on my computer, which is frustrating for both of us.

This would enable her to work independently of me and afford her more time for creativity.


Guest's picture

I could finally retire my HP Deskjet 990cse Pro Series after 7 years. That thing has been a real workhorse. Not working now but may only need a little TLC (or perhaps a twinge of jealousy brought on by an interloper ;) )

I recently was given a stack of old family photos that I've scanned in, touched up on PSP and would love to print. My old printer just cant do it.

Guest's picture

This would make so much easier because you could print out 1 photo at a time if you needed to, instead of saving up a few to print out at Costco or somewhere. I would probably totally start filling up the random frames we've been collecting every time I came across a neat picture to print out.

Guest's picture

Having a wireless printer would make life easier and calmer for the whole family. I could set it up in a common area of the house and eliminate the endless interruptions of my work flow as wife and kids run in to the office with a memory stick and beg me to print out their work.

The awesome thing is that I would not longer have to be a photoshop jock for the whole family. They'd have to learn the program themselves and more learning is always good.

Guest's picture

I'm a 3D Animation student in Scotland, and happen to be cursed with a lack of space. The only printers I have easy (read: free) access to are laser printers, which is fine if all I need is basic documents printed, but I work in graphics more than anything else. It'd make things like printing work for my portfolio and clients (I'm also a freelancer, the link's in my name if you're curious) a LOT easier than it is just now, since at the moment I'm relying on third party printers.

If I had one of these printers I'd be able to print out a whole range of things, from storyboards of animations to my digital art, and it'd mean that if I decided to have a free print giveaway on my site that I could do so with less fuss than I'd be able to otherwise. Which also makes it an awful lot more likely too. Anywho, thanks for the opportunity! Heather

Guest's picture

A wireless printer would make my life much easier because my girlfriend keeps talking about how she would love to have one. Plus since she is a neat freak no wires showing would be a big plus. She takes pictures all the time and loves to print them out so this would be perfect. I could set this up pretty easily since it is wireless and being able to print from anywhere in the apartment would be really cool.

Guest's picture
Joseph Perozzi

It's a cinch that this handy device will save both time and money: No more trips to the photoshop and no more paying for unwanted images!

Guest's picture

My son and I are in need of a new printer, mainly because we have to get really creative whenever a middle school project of his calls for nice photos, because my current B&W printer is on its last legs!

Looks like you can be connected through WiFi to print, as well as be able to scan, print color, copy and print photos! That'd be really nice.

Guest's picture

I am working on an adoption photo book, and having a printer like this could save us a couple of hundred $ in putting the books together for our agency.

Guest's picture

I am a graphic designer and animator, and I haven't had a working printer or scanner since my crappy college one broke in 2005... I've managed to get by on other peoples' machines, but it really makes it expensive when I have to print out portfolios and resumes at Kinko's (not to mention I waste gas by driving there).

You don't wanna know what I do when I have to "scan" things (it involves a digital camera).

Mainly, the thing I want to use a printer for is printing out the useful coupons I find online for use at the store!

Also, I am a notorious paper saver (anything I get in the mail that's not sensitive material, and has one blank side, I keep for scratch paper), so I would literally be making easy money with this printer. Awesome!

Guest's picture

I take many pictures of my grandkids, both for me and for my kids. This printer would allow me to stop getting my pictures printed at the store.

What will I do with it? Print lots of pictures for myself, my kids, and for my grandkids eventually!

Guest's picture

I'm a part-time fabric artist and I print images on printable fabric sheets to make small art quilts. Having a wireless printer would be a great addition - right now I have to save images on a portable drive and take them to the computer with the printer. It would be fabulous to just walk to the printer and pull of a nice stack of beautiful fabric that I had printed from another room!

Guest's picture

Fun! How would it make my life easier? Anything wireless makes my life easier. I could do without the network cord we've got running across the wall, and without having to make due with black and white laser prints because we haven't bothered to replace our last color inkjet yet.

What I'd do with it:

:: Printed photos for grandparents who aren't online.
:: Printed colorful recipes to use as framed, functional kitchen art.
:: Bribery tool for our teenagers with embarrassing photos stuck in iSight.
:: Love notes to throw across the room at each other.

Guest's picture

My son is planning on studying graphic design in college. He's currently learning typography and computer illustration in high school. The kid is real talented. This looks like just the ticket for printing his artwork. He doesn't have a printer for his computer, and the wireless solution would mean that he wouldn't need to run cables in his tiny room. Thanks for the opportunity!

Guest's picture

It would make my life much easier as I could print from anywhere in my house, or even outside (when and if the snow ever melts)
What would I do with it: I'm an activist, I would print flyers, photos from actions, and my emails and papers for work and fun. Being able to get away from my desktop and enjoy the sunset (once again, when the snow melts) from the front porch would make it all worth while.

Guest's picture

WOW !!! This would make life so much easier. 4 children. Multiple school projects and home projects. This would look great in my basement !

Guest's picture

I could finally scan all the artwork lying around my desk and update my online portfolio! This would make my life infinitely better because:

- I'd start getting more illustration job offers;
- My cats won't hate me anymore for kicking them off the pile of art (their favorite place to sleep);
- Once the pile's out of the way, my boyfriend will have a place to work and stop nagging me to clean up.


Guest's picture
kristy h

I finally got myself a digital camera a couple of years ago since having that camera I don't really develop the pictures like I should they usually get put on the computer or deleted off of my memory stick. So this would be so great to be able to print some pictures. Thanks!

Guest's picture

My life would be SOOOOO much easier with this wireless printer! Right now I have several dozen feet of blue wire strung across my den to connect my old workhorse printer. My kids would love to be able to cross the room without tripping! :) And my whole family would love the photo printing features. Right now, all of the photos live on Mom's computer, and hardly anyone else gets to enjoy them.

I would print so many things with this awesome machine! Family photos, greeting cards and invitations, school and work projects - you name it!



Guest's picture

Life would be easier for me by having this printer, giving me a higher quality print in pictures and documents I use for presentations.

Guest's picture

I am trying to go to a digital filing system. A wireless scanner would allow me to keep it where I put my mail. As soon as the mail comes in it could be scanned into my hard drive.

Guest's picture

I've been using regular b/w printer for all my college days. When I had to fax/copy/scan documents, I would have to go to Kinkos or university office and pay some fees. I've been planning to get a new printer to go with my new laptop and this would benefit me greatly because I just got a new job and I'll be living on my own apartment. It will solve all my document issues and able to use more spaces elsewhere on my new-tiny-apartment.

Guest's picture

I would LOVE to have this printer and a Sony wi-fi camera (or any camera that can use the Eye-fi memory card) to set up a portable wireless photo booth at my wedding in November.

Just set up a nice big picture frame so people know where to stand, point, shoot, send, and print.

I may even have the photos print out on sticky paper so I can have the guests pose for a photo at the reception and stick themself right into the guest book.

I hope I win - it would help the wedding budget!!!

Guest's picture

Right at this very moment to my right are not one, but two printers stacked atop each other that are having issues and i'm not able to use either one. This would make my life easier because I would finally have a working printer again. I would use this to start printing coupons again and save some money when I go out shopping. I'd also use it to start printing pics of my kids again. Thank you.

Guest's picture

~~ How would a wireless, photosmart printer make your life easier?
Although I have enjoyed my trouble-free HP PSC 750, it is time to replace it and go wireless. If I won this, I could then stay with the HP printer family, instead of having to shop and compare brands. (and I hate shopping!)

~~What awesome things can you do with it?
Well, I'd use it in my home office for just about anything it is capable of.....

*Just wish you had enough to give one away to everyone that entered!

Guest's picture
Mary Lutz

* How would a wireless, photosmart printer make your life easier?

You have no idea how much I need this printer! Right now we have an Epson Ink Jet printer and that's all it does; print. Not to mention the fact that every time I need to print something I have to take my laptop over to the printer to connect it with the USB cable. We have 3 computers in our house, all on the network, and having this would help us all out tremendously to be more productive.

* What awesome things can you do with it?
To be able to print, scan and copy from one machine, wirelessly is a DREAM of mine! I could finally scan all my old childhood photos, that I have boxes of, and upload them or digital scrapbook them!
I could also, much more efficiently, do my desktop publishing jobs a heck of a lot more easily!
Please pick me! Pick me!