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By Linsey Knerl on 14 April 2009 6 comments
Photo: Mats Lindh

Where does a guy (or gal) looking for a career playing Guitar Hero begin looking?  At this website:  CrazyHotJob.com.  It features just one job a day, but it may be “the” job you’ve always dreamed of! 

With numerous career sites boasting to have every job listing available, it seemed almost counterproductive that CrazyHotJob.com had only one job listing.  But when that job listing was for Activision in Woodland Hills, CA, and that job description required you to test video games all day, I started to get the premise of this blog-like endeavor into the job-hunt genre.   

CrazyHotJob.com features one job a day that they deem to be “crazy hot.”  They even answer the question “Why is this job crazy hot?” in case you need to be sold on the position – which in the case of the Guitar Hero tester, didn’t even need to be explained.  If the job floats your boat, there’s a link to apply (in this case, the link took you to the original job posting at Monster.com.)  If you are offering a “crazy hot” job, you can also submit the listing for consideration – it’s 100% free (but please note that competition to be the day’s “crazy hot” job may be fierce.)

Not every day's job may be as "hot" as the Video Game tester (which is good, because there's no way I can play Guitar Hero's World Tour "Hot for Teacher" at the "expert" difficulty level, anyway.)  Jobs currently up for voting as the day's hottest job include: Survival/Evasion/Resistance/Escape Instructor, Housesitter in Australia, and MTV Blog Editor.  In an economy that often communicates that dreaming is futile, and that you should take any job you can get, CrazyHotJob.com is a feel-good attempt at pairing solid job listings with spectator sportsmanship.  (And it's much more fun that combing Craigslist for something that isn't based in Nigeria.)

Visit the site daily at 10am for the newest job, or follow them via Twitter @crazyhotjob.

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Thanks for posting info about this cool Web site.

I found my current crazy hot job by accident through Craigslist. I surf the Internet all day at the office and give feedback about Web sites from a user POV to help improve search strategies. So much fun, I should pay THEM!

Moral of the story is: keep an open mind in your job search. I could never have even imagined that such a cool job existed--before they hired me.

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What an amazing sounding job. What's the name of the company that hired you to do this?



Xin Lu's picture
Xin Lu

My hubby works in games as a developer, and I can tell you that video game testing isn't really an awesome job.  It usually doesn't pay very well, and you are required to play the same thing over and over again until you hate the game you used to love to play.  For the people who are outside of the games industry getting paid to play a game seems pretty glamorous, but really it isn't.    You usually have to follow a test plan, so you aren't really free to play whatever you want, and then you have to do the same actions over and over.  CrazyHotJob seems like a cool site, though, but I just wanted to clarify that video game testing is actually a pretty grueling and painful job. 

Linsey Knerl's picture

I was waiting for you to shed some light.  I think that many people will see the job, and think that it may be easy.  For many it will still seem like a great gig (as many are taking jobs that are far below what they would consider enjoyable), but it will also be hard work.   I know that there are some aspects to my job, for example, that I thought were pretty cool -- before I had to do it 30+ hours a week!  Thanks for reminding us that work is still work.

Linsey Knerl

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Once you spot your crazy hot job--whether through a Web site or personal connection, the next step is having the courage to go out and get it. Sometimes that is the hardest part. This is my current inspiration:

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It's a major search engine firm. Signed so many nondisclosure agreements, I'm not sure I'm allowed to say which one. But since being on the job, I've heard that all/most of them have this type of position, though it may be called different things at different companies.