Independent People Have These 7 Things in Their Homes — Do You?

Independence can be hard-earned, and even more difficult to keep. But part of that battle is providing yourself the right tools — not just in terms of "skills," but actual, physical things. (See also: People Who Love Their Bodies Do These 12 Things — Do You?)

Whether it's about mastering your domain, maintaining health, or just not having to call a plumber, here are seven things you'll often find in the homes of truly independent people.

1. Home Office

A true mark of independence is being able to get a task done on your own. Working from home, or having the ability to do so, takes discipline — a huge tenet of the independent lifestyle. Set-up an office desk (bonus points for a standing desk) with a computer. Furnish it with functional items like a wall clock, calendar, note pad, and organizational trays.

2. Running Shoes

Running is an endurance sport of the mind and body done in solitude. The kind of person who can regularly practice running for long distances is more likely to have less decision anxiety and have more confidence in accomplishing tasks independently. Not a runner? Start jogging using an app for structure, such as Couch to 5k.

3. Tool Box

Independent people are prepared with the basic handyman skills needed to fix minor household problems. Even the least handy should have a full tool kit, with a hammer, screwdrivers (every head), wrenches, nails, bolts, the whole bit. The kitchen water faucet will inevitably get loose and start leaking. Why call for help when minor issues arise?

4. Art on Display

Independent thinkers enjoy sharing their interests and surround themselves in what they enjoy. Art, posters, sculptures, and decor that are proudly displayed around the home are true signs of a well-defined individual. Fan of Cézanne? Buy a large print for inspiration. Not sure what kind of art you like? Peruse Etsy or Society6 for attractive pieces that fit you. Feeling self-conscious about that X-Men poster? Don't. It's your home.

5. Home Garden

Making your own meals from your own bounty is not only a great sign of independence, but a great set of skills that promotes a healthy lifestyle. It's also a good way to relieve stress and get exercise, which are scientifically proven to help one's self-esteem and health. Don't have a yard for a garden? A windowsill is all you need to grow tomatoes, herbs, and sprouts. (See also: 10 Unique Garden Containers and Techniques)

6. A Well-Updated Calendar

The truly independent have a firm grasp on their schedule. If you have a partner or an assistant, it can be easy to lean on them to remember events and obligations, but remember that no one will value your time as much as you do. Try a new calendar app, or re-organize your iCal. Staying on top of your own calendar every day might result in being more satisfied with your work week.

7. Valid Passport

Don't wait until planning a trip to get a passport — always have one! The freedom to travel at a moment's notice is a key part of being independent. Haven't used your two weeks' vacation yet and fares to Australia are low right now? Got invited to Mexico with five days' notice? Having a valid passport means you can go where you want, when you want.

Are you an independent-minded person? How many of these things do you have at home?

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Whether it's about mastering your domain, maintaining health, or just not having to call a plumber, here are seven things you'll often find in the homes of truly independent people. | #independent #lifehacks

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