It Broke? Check for a Recall

By Carrie Kirby on 28 January 2008 8 comments
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Last time our DVD player broke, I went out and bought a new one. The Best Buy salesman said he wasn't surprised that it had only worked for a year; he called them "disposable."

Two years later, the new one is broken. But this time, instead of going shopping, my husband had an idea.

"Check online for recalls," he told me.

I don't know what gave him the hunch. Maybe it was that time a few years back when our microwave started sparking like crazy and we found out (after several failed attempts by Sears to fix it) that it had a recalled part.

At any rate, he was right. I Googled the maker (Toshiba) and the model number (SD-3980SU2), and immediately came up with an information page about a recall. One 5-minute phone call later, and I am expecting a new, 2008 model of the DVD player to arrive within a couple of weeks. I will have to package up the old DVD player and mail it in, but a new DVD player is worth a trip to the post office any day in my book.

Now I have to get Googling to see if the broken cord to my Roomba could have possibly been recalled ...

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just did that with my Canon Powershot S1 IS camera. Thought it was dead, called the repair number, and found it was a recall. I got a S5 for free in exchange, so I gained a $200 value in the process!

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did that with my milwaukee 18volt drill. the battries stoped working they want over $80 dollars a piece. so i replaced it with a $20 cheapo drill then found out their was a recall for some venting problem. after afive min phone call two free battries arrived at my door and got my drill back.

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i did this with my canon S400 camera a couple years ago. it stopped working, and after checking i found a recall. I sent it in and got it back a couple weeks later. I got back my working camera, and it still works to this day a couple years later. Beats buying another camera!

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My roomba charger cable broke too... also looking for recall. :)

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I upgraded from a Nikon D70 to a Nikon D300 DSLR and was disappointed the batteries I got with the D70 wouldn't work with the D300, then learned there was a recall on the D70 batteries and the new exchange from Nikon would work with the D300 and the D70.

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You must mean: "Is it broke?"

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iRobot is incredibly good about replacing or repairing broken parts. I've had several roombas replaced and even a couple of batteries. Give their customer service number a call, but make sure your roomba is close at hand for serial numbers or examples of the problems you're experiencing.

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Thought you may be interested in a new recall source.

Take care.