It can be done; how to fold the perfect fitted sheet.


I'm no slouch when it comes to folding laundry. I'll happily do my share, although my wife does way more than I do. However, I've just never understood that folding nightmare "the fitted sheet." Whatever I try ends up looking like I haven't tried at all. "There has to be a method to this madness" I said today as my fifth crib sheet sat before me wanting to be put out of it's misery. And once again, the Internet had the answer.

I've put a selection of videos below, each with slightly different methods. My favorite is the first, from . But feel free to try them all, and get ready to defeat that fitted sheet. Your closet will look like something out of Home & Garden magazine, you'll have more space and best of all, you can finally die knowing the fitted sheet mystery is no longer a mystery. You think I'm exaggerating? Not on your life.

Oh, and for those of you that have the folding fever now, check out Will's story on t-shirt folding.


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Good video. I got this tip from Martha Stewart many years ago. Although I'm sure she still does it neater than I do, it works well enough. I however will never be one of those maniacs who irons sheets.


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The EasyFold makes folding and storing your fitted sheets and complete sheet sets a breeze! This really works! Demo is on my website and on you tube.

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I saw those vids and I started trying it. Much to my dismay it wasn't working out. I realized it's because my fitted sheets have elastic all the way around, not just at the corners. Still haven't found a way to fold those. Boo hoo.

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I found THE solution to folding fitted sheets. It's Fit and Fold, seriously you'll be done folding in seconds it's so easy. watch this video and you'll understand: