It's Linktastic!


Thanks to everyone who linked to Wise Bread recently. We appreciate your vote of confidence.

The Carnival of Family Life, hosted by Parenting Toddlers, included Jess' post about free movies at summer camp.

Deb's web linked Troy's post about job suckage. Thanks, Deb!

Generation X Finance linked Bill's blog post about the Forrest Gump School of Investing. Mama always said that links are like a box of chocolates - you never know what your going to get.

Dog Breed Blog barked our direction with their nod to Jessica's post about the dog food recall, which is being mercilessly and tracked by Itchmo. Ya, Itchmo! And thanks, dog breed blog.

Home Mom gave our Burt's Bees Essential Body Kit contest some publicity, as did

Paul's no-longer-secret law recipe continues to bring in reader, with our latest link from Tip Nut.

Anastacia Knits was kind enough to inlcude my DIY silk flower brooch in her craft carnival.

Little corner of Ania linked to Paul's post about misspelled eBay listings and the treasure trove of finds to be had therein. She also linked to us in general - thanks, Ania!

Make you go hmmm liked Paul's dent-removal techniques.

The Simple Dollar flattered the hell out of me by linking to my ways to lower blood sugar post, where I found out that thin doesn't always equal better blood sugar.

Get Rich Slowly set our hearts all aflutter by linking to Lynn's super-tastic, all-time freaking awesome post about blood diamonds.

The Skilled Investor linked to Paul's seven deadly sins post.

(Picture by Robert Brook)

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