It's NATURAL for me to spend as I do!

Turns out that my brain, rather like the devil, MAKES ME DO IT. Spend too much, that is.

Via Consumerist:

It turns out that one's shopping habits have a lot to do with how active two centers of the brain are, the "nucleus accumbens, a region of the brain with dopamine receptors that are activated when you experience or anticipate something pleasant, like making money or drinking something tasty," and the insula, a "region of the brain activated when you smell something bad, see a disgusting picture or anticipate a painful shock."

The New York Times reports on the surprisingly complicated science behind spending. Apparently, spendthrifts find themselves stuck between the brain's neutral and passionate response. While others may look at an item and not be phased, shopaholics see something they simply must have. 

It's time to stop yourself (or a spouse!) from overspending and kick those bad money habits to the curb. You'll thank us later.


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"This gives me hope for a technological cure for spendthriftness: a credit card that would remind you of your outstanding balance every time you started to buy something. It could flash the total in large numbers, or announce it in a voice (say, Simon Cowell’s) designed to arouse any insula."