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The job search process is never easy, but there are ways to improve your chances of landing a job. Here are tips on finding job opportunities, resume writing, interviewing, and other ways to help you stand out from other candidates. Use the links below to jump to any section.

Job Search Tips

6 Ways to Use Technology to Upgrade Your Career
Technology helps us stay connected, learn something new, and make new connections quickly and efficiently. Here are 6 ways to use technology to upgrade your career.

How Online Job Boards Can Actually Help A Job Search
For someone launching a job search, online job boards can provide a wealth of information.

5 Fatal Assumptions of Job Seekers
Many people are job hunting these days. Wise Bread blogger Julie Rains has worked with job seekers for many years and have found that these five common assumptions frequently derail a job search.

5 Online Tools to Help You Land a Job
Here are some tools that can help you network and build your online portfolio so you can land your next job.

The Government Is Hiring: Who and Where
With unemployment hitting some scary levels as of late there seems to be one entity that is almost unaffected by the trend: the government.

Should I Take a Job That Pays Less Than Unemployment?
So what should you do if you’re offered a lower-paying job while on unemployment? Should you take it?

6 Warning Signs That It's Not the Job for You
You're scouting around for a decent job. While you realize that great jobs are hard to find, you're avoiding getting into a position that really stinks. Here are 6 tell-tale characteristics of generally lousy jobs, and why it may be best to cut-and-run.

Location Independent Career Basics
Would you like to have the ability to work from anywhere you wish? A location independent career is your ticket to workplace freedom.

E-Book Review: Discover Your New Job Online
In Discover Your New Job Online, Wise Bread blogger Thursday Bram takes readers through the steps of landing a job using online tools.

Tips for Finding Legitimate Work at Home Opportunities
Many work at home programs that you find online are scams designed to take your money. So how do you go about finding legitimate work at home jobs that pay you for your time? Read on for some ideas and resources.

Writing Your Resume

How to Write a Resume: 12 Steps to Your Next Job
This article will not guarantee you a new job, but here is some advice that will at least get you noticed for all the right reasons. Ready? Then let's begin.

How to Prepare a Plain Text Resume
If you are applying for jobs online, the best and most useful formatting for a resume is plain text. This post is a short guide to preparing your resume in plain text.

Standout Stuff for Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile
Professional goals should influence what you decide to put on and leave out of a resume, but you can intrigue potential bosses and land interviews based on (seemingly) irrelevant but standout stuff.

Resumes For Recent Grads: Translating Campus Experiences Into Real-World Skills
Ways to translate class projects, volunteer activities, and campus involvement into real-life skills valuable in the workplace.

Professional Resume Services: Are They Worth Paying For?
When applying for a job, you need to be sure that you stand out significantly from the rest of the applicants. One sure way to accomplish this is with a resume that really pops and sparkles. Here are some of the advantages that a professional resume service can offer you.

When to Splurge: Resume Writer
Andrea Dickson shares her experience using a resume writer.

Mastering the Interview

5 Tips to Acing an Interview
You want to be the person they don't soon forget. The person who stands out — the one who they can see themselves working with on a daily basis. To do that, you have to be more than just another resume.

5 Interview Lessons Learned from Horrible Interviews
Here are a few lessons on how to be a good interviewee.

How to Answer 23 of the Most Common Interview Questions
Over the years, Wise Bread blogger Paul Michael has been to countless interviews. Here are 23 questions you're likely to be asked, and how Paul has learned to answer them.

How to Recognize and Answer Illegal Interview Questions
In the United States job seekers are protected by a myriad of anti-discrimination laws, but many potential employers may still ask probing questions. Here is how you can recognize which questions are potentially illegal for an employer to ask, and what you can do if you encounter these questions.

Other Ways to Stand Out

What Is Your Dutch Wife?
Blending in is only a winning strategy if they're going to hire everybody. Standing out by being the most qualified is best, but standing out for any reason at all can make the difference. This is the story of the dutch wife.

6 Ways to Use Technology to Upgrade Your Career
The Internet is a boon for doing all kinds of things — including getting a better job and/or getting paid more at your current job. Here are 6 ways to use technology to upgrade your career.

Networking Basics for Regular People
Competition for jobs is fierce but networking is one way of differentiating yourself as a stellar candidate. Here are some of their tips on networking basics.

Deciding When to Follow Instructions
Anytime someone announces that they're looking to hire, there'll be instructions on how to apply. There's a delicate dance involved in deciding just how completely to follow those instructions. Here are a few of the important steps.

My Small-Town Move That Ended The Job-Search Blues
Here are some advantages and disadvantages of career building and living in a small town that's not your hometown.

How to Get a Job: Learn the Secret From a Bad Movie
Blogger Philip Brewer has read a bunch of books on how to do a job search. They all talk about networking. They all talk about researching the company. They all talk about "creating" a job. He's read the books, but he didn't understand what they meant, until he saw this really bad movie.

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