Kevin Rose supports Ron Paul, Barack Obama

Photo: Digg

Guess what I found on Kevin Rose's personal profile page:

ron paul

Some people may argue that this is why Digg's frontpage is dominated by Ron Paul stories. On the other hand, it is quite refreshing to see a media mogul openly declare his political preferences. If Rose has any bias at all, at least he is completely open about it. As far as I can tell, Rose has never submitted any Ron Paul stories himself, though I suspect he might have voted for more than a couple of them. (By the way, every story Rose submits gets to the frontpage.)

It isn't surprising that Rose supports Ron Paul and Barack Obama, who have strong support from the young, tech-savvy people who make up the core Digg user base. In fact, Paul and Obama have commanding leads in Digg's political poll.

Paul has more votes than all the other Republicans combined:

republicans digg

Obama has a commanding lead over most Democratic candidates. Notice that the anti-war candidates dominate the top three spots.

democrats digg

How significant is Digg support?  Digg is a top 25 website in the US, and according to Digg's rate sheet, their users are:

  • 94% male
  • 88% 18-39
  • 64% HHI above $75k
  • 52% IT professionals, developers or engineers
  • 26% managers or above
  • 39% publish their own blog

Lots of wealthy, young guys with tons of disposable income and viral clout?  Digg is a campaign manager's web dream.

By the way, if you look at the last picture closely enough you can see that I support Dennis Kucinich. Rose is not the only internet mogul who discloses his political affiliations.

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