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Wise Bread loves the following blogs for their linky love. We encourage our readers to visit these blogs, leave comments, and love them in return along with us.

Paul's pink slip article got a mention from one of our blogging idols, Dumb Little Man, a couple weeks ago, and I neglected to mention it in the round up. We love you, Dumb Little Man! Every dumb, little thing about you. Wait, that doesn't sound good. Anyway, sorry for the miss.

Perchance to be liked Will's post about getting free children's books at Barnes and Noble.

Julie's mortgage post made it's way up the ladder, impressing all of us. Lifehacker gave it a mention, and there was much partying (freaking LIFEHACKER, man!). Also doing a likey-link was Hackzine.

Esha from Dance, Life, and Lunges liked my coffee-quittin' post so much that she quit drinking coffee! For two days. Ah, well, I suppose I should be grateful that she's able stay awake through one of my blog posts, caffeinated or not.

Paul got much love from Geekdad, Baby Cheapskate, Daddy Daze, Boing Boing, and many many more blogs for informing us that the Discovery Channel stores are going out of business.

Ed got attention for his article on blogging tools.

Paul's 10 frugal things post also got a nod from Pesky'Apostrophe, Money Walks and The Digerati Life, which caused him to squeal and jump up and down with glee (so I've heard).

The Simple Dollar continues our torrid love affair by linking my post about the being frugal versus stealing.

Physics Geek liked Paul's recommendation of Frucall. Paul's vinegar post, which has been given the Wisebread "Post that just won't go quietly into the night" Award (or PTJWGQITN, for short) showed up in link form on Diary of a Goldfish.

Paul's pink slip article continues to make the rounds with a link from The SC Employment Law Blog, run by a lawyer who actually likes Wise Bread overall, a statement made us all blush collectively. Sheryl, who runs the SC blog, has another blog as well. If you live in South Carolina and need info on bankruptcy and consumer protection, look no further than the SC Bankruptcy & Consumer Law Blog.

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That sounds naughty. Then I looked at the Wise Bread logo with that pig in it ... and decided maybe I'd skip out on the torrid love affair.

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Tina P

Relatively new to your blog, and so far I am enjoying what I find.

With that said, I just wanted to pipe in as an SC resident and say thanks for mentioning what appear to be two interesting blogs from my fine state.

Andrea Karim's picture

And here I thought te pig would appeal to everyone. Man, some people are picky.

Seriously, though, thanks for the mentions. We dig you. In a totally platonic way.

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Thanks a lot for linking me :) You're a star!

Will Chen's picture

"I dig Trent in a totally kosher kind of way." 

Love, Wilbur, the Wise Bread pig.