Link-Love in an Elevator


It’s time once again for another round of link love! We want to let everyone know how excited we are to see such a great response to our articles, and remind you all that we couldn’t do it without you! Now let’s get on with the lovin’, shall we?


MSN Money’s new Smart Spending Blog featured Philip Brewer’s Counterfeit Spotting article. It has also linked to Nora Dunn’s hobo piece, Philips Brewer’s sinking dollar, and a recent interview with Gary Foreman! They also featured Myscha Theriault’s Go Green and Save Money article!


David at My Two Dollars gets to the top of customer service thanks to Jessica Okon’s article.


The Consumerist picked up on our frugal obsession group write hosted by our lovely Andrea Dickson.


Get Rich Slowly also liked Philip’s advice on spotting a dummy dollar.


The Simple Dollar keeps on linking with generous mentions, including a mention of Philip Brewer’s Huge Tax-Free Investment! Other bulk-buying supporters include PaidTwice, and We’re In Debt. The Simple Dollar continues to include us here, here, here, and here.


Lifehacker gave a look at an oldie but goodie by featuring Paul Michael’s Make Your Own Noise Cancelling Headphones.


Thanks to Tech Interview Questions, The Corner, and Xntric pundits for pointing to Paul Michael for his 23 Interview Questions piece!


Myscha Theriault’s Rubber bands seem to be everywhere, courtesy of Neatorama, Geek Like Me, and Lifehacker!


A big gracias to the Frugal Law Student for listing us in his “10 Personal Finance Blogs you NEED to subscribe to.” Listen to this guy. He knows what he’s talking about.


Real Frugal proves that they know their crap (or how to get rid of it anyway), by linking to Nora’s crap removal article.


I haven’t been to a rodeo in a while, but this one’s worth checking out: Thanks to We’re In Debt for including Philip Brewer’s Huge Tax-Free Investment post!


We may not be experts on everything, but the Simple Dollar and The Dough Roller expertly included Philip Brewer’s article on how it’s done.


The Dough Roller also found Julie Rains’ 529 article to be worthy of its Back Is Killing Me Edition.


Baby Cheapskate agrees with our own Paul Michael that there’s no reason not to buy store-brand baby formula!


MentalFloss gave us some food (and drink) for thought by including Philip Brewer’s Windfall Generator and his recipe for moonshine.


Chief Family Officer helped share the secret Amazon rebate posted by Linsey Knerl.


Our own Justin Ryan was featured on The Student Help Forum recently, and gave some valuable advice on software essentials.


The Digerati Life helped inflate our readership by linking to Philip Brewer’s Tips and iBonds article!


It’s $5 Bills Ya’ll over at The Wonderful Noise, who let Philip know he’s not the only one into new money.


DIY Life helps prove that you don’t need to be rich to have fun, by linking to Linsey Knerl’s Special Events that Will Cost you Nothing article.


Paul Michael did a guest post on Dumb Little Man listing the 7 Best Legal Ways to Steal. No doubt we’re into most of them!


How To Plaza gives some link love to Nora Dunn and her Insured Annuities piece!


We also want to give a huge thanks to all the Diggers, Stumblers, and Reddit users, and the rest of the gang. If we forgot you, drop a line at and we’ll be sure to include you in the next round of link love!

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Paul Michael's picture

I always enjoy reading where we're showing up. Is it me, or does this list get bigger every month?

Linsey Knerl's picture

We definitely have more links this time!

Guest's picture

Wouldn't those bloggers appreciate it more if you linked back to a real content post instead of just the posts that link to you? I'm glad you're getting some links, but seriously we can all check Technorati if we want to know the details.

Guest's picture

Love your blog and all your links but when I read your feed in my reader the links to YOUR site's (not to other sites) articles come up wrong.

...Instead of:
...I get:
...which of course comes up as not found.

Dont know if it a problem on your end or theirs.
Thanks for listening.

Amy B. Scher's picture

Wise Bread rocks!

Linsey Knerl's picture

These posts do have "real content." Just check them out! Most of the bloggers that link to us don't just post "links" for the sake of posting links. They take time to develop really well thought-out posts, and are kind enough to include us!

If you are wanting to expand your horizons, however, I suggest browsing their other fine posts. I think it goes without saying that all of their content is top notch.

And as far as Technorati goes, this is NOT our primary way of finding out who links to us. Believe it or not, we do a bit of blog reading ourselves. :)


Andrea Karim's picture

Wow, Linsey, that was a crazy list of links! Thanks so much for handling that - I know it's a lot of work, but I was only doing the link love posts back when we had, like, ten links over the course of a couple of weeks.

Guest's picture

hey guys, thanks for the link love back.