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In keeping with the warm and fuzzy feeling that Wisebread gives many of its writers and readers, I am taking a moment to give thanks to those that have linked to us over the past two weeks. We appreciate that you would vouch for our perspectives on money and life here at Wisebread. While every attempt is made to include all link love and honorable mentions, I am a newer writer here at Wisebread, and may have inadvertently missed someone very special who didn’t show up in my search. If you are one of those brilliant but overlooked souls, just email us, and we’ll be sure to get you included in the next listing of Wisebread friends and family.

Thanks to Lifehacker for its mention of Jessica’s Road Trip piece. We’re feeling your ode to White Snake, but you haven’t truly lived until you’ve driven 230 miles with R.E.M’s “Shiny Happy People” on repeat.

Wired blog also gave our travel bit the label “savvy” and suggested that we get a little more kid-friendly over here at Wisebread. We hear ya loud and clear. Expect some suggestions for families with children in the next month.

The always charming The Simple Dollar was almost forgotten in my original post (sorry, guys). They always do such a nice job of pointing out our better posts. Sometimes people are so good at giving link love, they kind of get taken for granted. (Won't happen again, I promise!) If you're looking for a great roundup of some frugal but practical ideas, check them out.

We were happy to see Paul’s Moon Roof piece on Autoblog. We appreciate you helping us to inform consumers on the perils of car-repair fraud!

Apparently our own Paul Michael wasn’t the only one enamored by the strapless flip-flop. Product Dose gave props to the strangest useful summer product I’ve seen in ages.

Echo Boomer Finance shares his feelings on Philip’s budget article, along with a nice outline for college grocery spending. We can take heart knowing we weren’t the only college kids buying Ramen in the economy pack.

Andrea’s Decked Out in Dog article prompted mention from Pajamas Media.

Our take on the Road Trip by Jessica was also posted on the Best of the Black Hills.

Ed's Must-have free plugins for your WordPress made the grade at Web-Dosh (Blog it and Earn it.)

Jaimie at PaidTwice gave us a nice shout-out for why A Budget is Not a Constraint, along with a lovely spot on the Blogroll!

Once again, we want to thank ALL of our web friends for their word-of-mouth generosity. If you see Wisebread recently mentioned somewhere I forgot, please email us at, and we’ll be sure to include the poster in our next roundup!

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Oh, this just completely made my day. Thanks Wisebread! You're the best.

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And thanks for writing the article :)