Link Me, Baby! Sending Out Thankful Vibes


Wise Bread is always grateful for the links we get from friends and even rivals. We'd like to take time to thank eveyrone who linked to us, and highlight some of the goodies.

Scrapbookers the world over, but particularly Scrap Scene, were happy with Paul's creative card-making ideas.

Mortgage Loan Officer posted Paul's blog on why you can't trust a real esate agent. Does this mean that the real estate and home loan industries have a hit out on him now? Paul, if you see someone in a colorful blazer headed your way, run.

Moneykeg was one of many sites that linked to Paul's Amero post.

Sarah's career blog posts are, as usual, admired far and wide. Career Intensity picked up her ideas about how to survive in a crappy job.

Hilariously, Hawaii Transportation linked to my article about Mr. Cheap Stuff's Dean Takamine, because he talked about the roads in Hawaii. This was actually back in March, so we apologize for the slightly bemused and definitely belated thanks!

Lil Duck Duck posted my Pet Peeves Part 3 post in the Carnival of Family Life #49, too. Green Tea was a topic all over the internets this month, and T Ching offered their own perspective.

We get general all-around love from Credit Penance.

Thanks to everyone who linked to us!

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Will Chen's picture

It's great to be loved but even better to give some love back.  =)

Guest's picture

It is a good idea to love back once in a while. I just wonder how you measure who linked you...

Will Chen's picture

I think it involves some sort of credit card payment to Andrea, but I cannot deny or confirm that.

In all seriousness, this list is our way of saying thank you to everyone who linked to us.

While we cannot link back to everyone due to space and technical limitations, we do aprpeciate every link we get. =)

Andrea Karim's picture

I don't measure per se. I use technorati and a couple of other tools to find links to our site. I might actually Google our article titles and find other people that way. Writers sometimes tell me who has linked to them, and we keep track of carnival submissions.

We're certainly not going to find everyone who links us, which is why it's nice to get a heads up from the people who do, so we can bounce the happy-loving-vibes back at 'em.

Will Chen's picture

Andrea is not talking about links, either.  She's talking about actual vibes, powered by the intensity of her love.

Andrea Karim's picture

Yes, my love is intense. Forceful, actually. That's why I've been ordered by the courts to stay at least 500 meters away from Angelina Jolie. I think it's a little harsh, but hey.

Paul Michael's picture

It's always a great honor to have someone link to your article. Makes everything feel worthwhile. I thank anyone who has found my content remotely interesting and will continue to do my best to remain noteworthy. By the way Andrea, my payment to you is in the post, as usual. It's getting pricey this.

Andrea Karim's picture

But I charge interest. Oh, yes. Lots of interest.

Paul Michael's picture

have a lot to learn from you. Still, most of your stories are high-interest anyway. (oh, puns...they are so good sometimes).