Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who linked to our blog posts over the past week. We couldn't do it without you. And if we could, we wouldn't anyway. THAT'S how strong our love is.

Thanks to Lifehacker for picking up Sarah's post, and for not jacking the entire post like SOME OTHER BLOGS I WON'T MENTION.

Our guest blogger Leo officially wins the Linked by a Foreign Language Website Contest of the week, having gotten a mention on 16secrets. 16 Secrets purports to be about "Amour, argent, santé et sexe!", which I think is something we can all get behind. So to speak. Leo also graciously linked to the article from his own site, Zen Habits, thus assuring another round of ecstatic readers in the frugal mindset.

A special thanks to The Simple Dollar for frequently mentioning us in his daily roundups (e.g. Jessica, Maly, and Andrea). We freaking LOVE that site.

Thanks to FreelanceSwitch for giving us such a warm mention! We're hoping to move beyond the "best little-known" category sometime soon!

Paul's got some big mentions from MSN's clicked blog, which makes all of us swoon and call for the smelling salts.

My baby carrots story got some good traffic, and we owe it to Dr. Mercola, cookthink, Matt Bites and megnut, and the grandaddy of them all - Joel of Dethroner. We all experienced what could be described as a collective geekgasm over that one.

Will would like to thank Cynical-C, Crooks and Liars, and Makezine blog for including his Mother's Day post. Will also got a mention on the SCOTUSblog, for his story explaining the climactic scene in Trading Places. Frankly, we're all in awe that he got it all sorted out, but SCOTUSblog, people! Will claims that this is the closest that he will ever get to the Supreme Court, but we still have hope that he will sue or be sued all the way up the circuits - we pulling for you, Will!

Will's article about why co-op blogging is da bomb also got mention on Brain Based Business.

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Andrea said:  "Thanks to Lifehacker for picking up Sarah's post, and for not jacking the entire post like SOME OTHER BLOGS I WON'T MENTION."


Andrea, this is why I love you. 

Paul Michael's picture

I wonder which blog you're referring to Andrea. IF I guess right, do I get a prize?

Jessica Okon's picture

you're not talking about THIS blog

Will Chen's picture

Personally, your carrots post had me weak in the knees. 

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I know I find your site amazing, and I reference it often on my little blog. ( Could you please tell those of us who are not so blog literate the appropriate way to link to you. I would never want to offend the great collective of Wise Bread!

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Thanks for linking us.

We're sorry that we don't get to mention everyone who mentions us in blogs. We try to mention as many blogs as possible, but it can be hard to find all our links, and a lot of the time, the sites that link to us are phony sites that simply copy our content, so it can be tough, in the weekly round-up, to figure out which blog posts should be mentioned. But we really thank you for reading, and for blogging about us. We encourage everyone to check out your site as well.

To everyone else: aw, shucks. And to Paul - you want to step on the blog-post-jackin'-blog's toes? Be my guest. I've got another Burt's Bees kit lying around here somewhere. :)

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Awww, thanks for the kind words! I wasn't looking for a mention, mine is just a little family type blog, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't stepping on toes! I have only just started reading co-op type blogs, so I wasn't sure how it all worked. Thanks for helping to learn! BTW, I also love the carrot story! Now when I pass the carrots, I look at them all and now can see how it is so. Really cool!

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Your carrot post was so well written, it's no wonder the geeks began to gather on that one! Thanks for the mention - you do wonderful work, and it's a joy to comb your site for tasty (or not so tasty - watery carrot nuggets, ew) tidbits.