Looking for the Perfect Career? Pick Your Favorite Color

Photo: Nora Dunn

Ah, if only we could determine the best career for us as easily as we can choose a favorite color. Wait a minute – we can!


Are you looking for the perfect career fit?

For those of us interested in instant gratification and without the time or inclination to read informative yet exhausting books like What Color Is Your Parachute (which is a great read for anybody by the way), there are indeed ways to help you:

  • Find the right career path
  • Tweak your existing job to suit your talents
  • Affirm that you are already working in the best suited career to your personality


…and all by simply looking at pretty colors.


The Color Career Counselor is an online personality test offered by Career Builder, and as such is the world’s only validated color-based personality test for career compatibility. The test is free, and can be found at careerpath.com, along with a few other interesting career assessment tests and tidbits of career advice.


The multi-patented Dewey Color System is the guts behind the seemingly simple test that involves nothing more than choosing favorite and least favorite colors. But looks can be deceiving, as the relationship between colors and career compatibility can be amazingly precise.


I took the test for giggles, and in less than two minutes had a report that described my personality in an eerily accurate manner. I was given two best career categories, which each broke down further to list specific occupations and workplaces that I would excel in.


Although the test is free, the folks who patented this system aren’t in it for nothing. The short career report, although informative, may not have been enough for me if I needed to make a career change. So for an extra fee, you can order the full meal deal to see what your color choices reveal about your best-suited career.


At the very least, it’s a fun way to get a little insight into your personality and career traits. Or at least figure out what your favorite color really is. Either way.

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Turns out I'm in the perfect job for me. Who knew?

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Yes the test was pretty accurate for me as well besides the fact that I would like to work for myself, adn be in full control. Though it did hint at it stating I am the type to seek power and be a leader. Interesting...


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Mindaugas Baranauskas

I can not recognize me in this test results. Also the results are opposite from other personality tests I did.

Guest's picture

That was really funny! According to the test, I am a free-spirited, artistic, creative type who would do best as an artist, architect, musician, decorator...

I'm actually an engineer. 16 years and counting.

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What a great photo, Nora!

Guest's picture

Wow exactly what i want to do

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My friend and I took the test, and he even chose different colors than I did and we were both pegged as creators and organizers. I think the whole thing is bogus.

Guest's picture

I liked the test and I liked and agreed with the result. The only problem I had was with the part where you say what your current profession is. I'm in the legal field (paralegal) and I did not see that choice anywhere. I think it should have been under professional. It's late and I'm tired but I really looked and didn't see it. I can think of a lot of joke reasons that the legal field might be omitted but I'm assuming it's an oversight. I put in my side job instead. Pretty fun test. Thanks for posting it!

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Wow! Hit the nail on the head. But sometimes I have to wonder if we as individuals fit ourselves into what we believe we would like to be like when it comes to personality tests. I mean, we all have some traits that stand out and then we all have the traits most individuals have...it just makes me wonder! Thanks for sharing!

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Any of the standard personality tests are so easy to game you can be whatever "color" you want.

E.g., if I'm applying for a sales job it's easy to make sure I'm scored as an "extrovert" on any test they give me.

Guest's picture

I'm a creator and a persuader. The personality part fits exactly with other personality tests I have taken

Linsey Knerl's picture

I'm guessing that's because most people will pick blue over that hideous puke green color they kept showing?

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meechleigh: you have reason to doubt the results of personality tests, check out this article on the Forer effect:


There are some links to videos at the bottom of the page for a direct demonstration of the effect :)

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Wow! I was pretty impressed by the results. However, your current career is asked for, so does that somehow influence the results? Either way, it was a fun colour-analysis to partake in.

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i am in the health care field now.
but it showed what i want to do deep down in my heart.
which is financial field.

Nora Dunn's picture
Nora Dunn

@pp - The big question now is, will you make the leap from health care to finance? (It's easier said than done, but if your heart sings to you....)