Love Your Geek: 10 Romantic Gifts for Under $25

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So he’s not a Heisman trophy winner — and she’s not MAXIM material. Your geeky mate is still perfect for you, so express your feeling with the perfect gift. For our latest My Life Scoop article, we scoured the web in search of the type of gifts we think any geek girl or guy would love to get, and they are all available for under $25!

Superhero Underoos — While many of us pine for the days when Underoos were fitting, there is an adult alternative that lets any girl be Wonder Woman for a day (or night). These $8 girl boxers from TopShop come in a variety of comic-inspired designs, including Batgirl comics, Wonder Woman Pop prints, and Super Girl Electric blue briefs.

DigiBling Original — What do you get when you mix a handful of beautiful used transistors with the styling genius of Etsy creator DigiBling?  This simple chain necklace costs a mere $16 and boasts the benefits of true design skill with the aesthetic beauty of deep purple transistors.

Geek Love Poems — Nothing quite says "love" like a dreamy ballad or an inspired poem. When you can throw in a few clever lines of code, however, you've got yourself the ultimate geek's ode to romance. This Geek Love Poem T-shirt can express how you feel in a way that your geek god will understand. Available in a range of sizes (for geeks of all body-types), it runs a mere $18 at Amazon.

Check out our complete gift guide on My Life Scoop for more inspiration on surprising your super-smart sweetie in style!


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Andrea Karim's picture

OMG. I so want that shirt.

Andrea Karim's picture

I should note that I had Wonder Woman underoos as a kid, and I feel like I really rocked that look. I don't know if I would ever attempt it again.

Guest's picture

Love the poem on the tee shirt even though I wouldn't consider my self a geek.

Guest's picture

Back when I was in high school, kids loved to wear pieces of old RAM as necklaces, usually with string that looked like dental floss! It was a badge of honor for them.

Guest's picture

The pictured DigiBling is actually made of resistors, which are analog components and not exactly shiny enough for bling. :)

Guest's picture

Boy, I hope I'm not the only girl out there who thinks the undies would be a welcome addition to my unmentionables drawer!

Linsey Knerl's picture

Good catch on the resistors/transistors! Can you tell I'm more of a software girl than a hardware girl?

And I'm totally in love with the comic-inspired undergarments, as well. One of the reasons I picked em is because they would be something I'd buy myself :)

I appreciate the comments, and encourage you to check out the full article at Life Scoop for all the gift ideas!

Linsey Knerl