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Just when you thought we couldn’t get anymore love from other blogs, Wisebread is thrilled to be mentioned by some very kind folks from around the web. Since we are only as good as the people who read us, we want to give a big Wisebread “Tak!” (That’s “thanks” in Danish….)

We can’t even begin to thank LifeHacker and the Simple Dollar enough for their wonderfully done links to Wisebread in the past weeks! We really appreciate your continued support!

Much love goes to the Consumerist for their mention of Justin Ryan’s Paper Bag article. I guess we’ll be making that plastic to paper switch now…. They also published a great tip from Philip Brewer on budgeting . We also want to thank FREE MONEY FINANCE who submitted that article to the Consumerist.

We also enjoyed sharing in the Frugal Law Student’s compilation of the “The Best Personal Finance Books that Inspire Personal Finance Bloggers.” He wrote several of the biggest personal finance bloggers in the blogosphere and asked them about their personal finance favorites. (And he included us, how sweet!)

Leo at Zenhabits gave us a nice mention from an article he wrote for Freelance Switch for Justin's personal stability plan and time tracking articles. Also included was Sarah Winfrey with her “To Start or Not” article

Dumb Little Man linked to Andrea Dickson's "sound more confident" article. You can be confident that we really appreciate that!

The Frugal Duchess gave Myscha Theriault and Linsey Knerl props for their "brown bagging" and "gourmet pizza" articles.

Mom Advice liked Myscha's approach to chicken leg quarters!

US Recall News warned people about potential danger with Paul Michael’s dangerous Crocs story.

Philip got a cool link from Helen South, the guide to Drawing and Sketching.

Hongkiat listed WiseBread as one of the top 28 places to blog for money!

Cat and Dog source Itchmo was feeling Linsey’s creative uses for cat litter article.

Gracias to the Tao of Joe for recognizing Jessica Okon’s great book recycling piece!

Our north-of-the border friend at Occasionally Wright listed us as a favorite site recently… glad to hear it!

And finally, we want to thank Sam Krehnbrink for dubbing us as a true “Blogging 2.0” blog.

We wouldn’t be here without the wonderful opportunities created by great links from even greater supporters of Wisebread. If I have overlooked a link, by all means, LET US KNOW! Just email us at, and we’ll get you in the mix, I promise!

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Guest's picture

Isn't it amazing that these things cans get linked all over the place? I've told just about all of my friends about this site, and a few have started reading posts here on a regular basis. You guys and gals write some really awesome articles!!

Linsey Knerl's picture

We appreciate the positive word-of-mouth!  We also enjoy writing for you!  Thanks.

Myscha Theriault's picture

Thanks for putting all the data together, Linsey.

I'm with you. It's really rewarding to empower our readers with helpful information.