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Do you want to make money online?

If so, you’ve probably seen a lot of products that will apparently tell you how, with their product, you’ll become a millionaire by next Friday.

Last year I bought one of these online courses. One of those seemingly scammy, too good to be true, sounding sales pages promised to show me how to make money online. Despite the fact that I trusted the source, I was sure I was walking into a trap.

To my surprise the online course actually enabled me to increase my income from online work from $100/month to income that’s the equivalent of a full time job. It took a lot of work in the beginning (up to 50 hours/week) but now I work fewer than 10 hours/week on these projects and earn the same amount.

What online course did I buy? It was called Project Mojave and was a 3 month online course covering everything from keyword research to product creation to search engine optimization.

Project Mojave isn't likely going to be marketed again although the product's creator, Clay Collins, is working on something new. No, this post isn’t going to try to convince you to buy his new product. He hasn't even announced what exactly his new product will contain. Instead this post spills all the secrets in his outstanding, free-to-watch videos.

The videos tell you the basics about what Clay, the creator, calls The Interactive Offer. They're aimed at everyone from blogging beginners to long-standing business owners. The Interactive Offer shows you how to guarantee that you'll make money selling your product, before you even spend any money to create it.

Because I'm not a huge fan of watching videos (I'd rather read information) I decided to take notes on the videos and post them here for you. The free videos have truly outstanding content. And if you’re at all interested in making money online, I encourage you to watch the videos yourself.

Video Notes

Video 1: The Number One Rule for Creating a Profitable Online Business

Video 1 tells you the number one rule for creating a profitable online business. That is, it answers the question, how do you start an online business and be 100% certain you will make money before you invest in creating a product?

According to Clay, Rule 1 is Sell First, Then Create. The video lays out generally, how and why this rule works — including some of the basic legal and ethical ways to do this. Clay gives several examples of pre-selling.

For example, colleges will "pre-sell" a course, and then cancel the course if enough people don't sign up. An even cooler example of pre-selling is Threadless t-shirt company. They actually get people actively involved in the process of creating t-shirt designs. Because people are voting on the t-shirt designs before the t-shirt is ever created, once the company decides to print a t-shirt the company already knows the t-shirt will be profitable.

Video 2: How to Make an Interactive Offer

Video 1 gives a great introduction to the idea of pre-selling, but doesn't give a lot of specifics. Video 2 delivers specifics of how to make a product offer interactive.

Following are some of the critical steps listed in the video:

Step 1: Survey your people.

The Interactive offer involves, first, sending a survey to your potential customers. The survey would ask them:

  • What free product would you love for me to create just for you?
  • What is your biggest fear or frustration?
  • What's your ideal perfect outcome?

For instance, if you're interested in creating a golfing product you might ask potential customers: what is your biggest fear/frustration when it comes to playing golf? And what's your ideal perfect outcome when you hit the green?

This works because customers are rarely asked these questions. And, if you are genuinely interested in helping them solve their problems and are committed to creating a free product you will get a TON of responses. (Side note: I know this from experience. One survey I sent to a list of 5000 people generated 2300 replies!)

Step 2: Find the Need

The second step is to analyze the survey results and find consistent patterns. This involves reading and synthesizing to determine what your audience is looking for. With the golf example you might find that a majority of people want a quick and easy way to stop slicing the ball.

Step 3: Verify the Need

The third step is reach back out to your customers and tell them the core issue you've identified from the survey. You should write an email or blog post asking whether or not the core need they've identified is actually their issue. According to the Interactive Offer video 2 here are the components of that email/post:

  • Thank them for filling out the survey.
  • Tell them you think you know what they want their free product to be about, but you want to check in with them to be sure.
  • Describe the free information product you're planning to create (i.e., tell them the title, and rough outline of what it will include).
  • Tell them that you don’t want to waste your time making something people don’t need. But if enough people want it, then to tell you and you'll email them the free product.
  • Create the free product. It might be top ten tips related to their need. Give away your best stuff in the free product.
  • Give the free content away to as many people as possible
  • Wait for feedback to pour in. According to the video if you've correctly identified a need you will get a lot of people thanking you for the free product.
  • Respond to all of the feedback

After your potential customers read and respond to the free report then it will be time to pre-sell your product

Step 4: Pre-sell

Finally, you need to pre-sell your product. Tell your potential customers that you will pre-sell it to them for 4 days for 50% off. Only let a limited number buy the product.

Psychological Reasons An Interactive Offer Makes People Want to Buy Your Product:

Principle of Progressive Buying: As people participate they become increasingly invested in what you’re selling. When they are helping co-creating your product you produce what they want and they will be more attached to what you’re selling because people support what they create.

Principal of Consistency and Commitment: You are getting commitment early on and so people are more likely to be consistent and buy your product when they commit early.

(You can win a free copy of the Interactive Offer by commenting on Video 2 about other reasons why an interactive offer works. And there is another contest running to win a free copy too.)

Videos 3 and 4

Videos 3 and 4 will likely contain even more amazing free content. They hasn't yet been released. Watch the Interactive Offer site to learn more.

My Thoughts

The idea of an interactive offer fascinates me. It makes complete sense that the more involved customers are in product creation the more likely they will be to buy a product. I continue to see more and more businesses succeed because they get customers involved in their business. (Think of Groupon, where you have to have enough coupon buys for the coupon to become active.)

And I learned some of these online marketing strategies in Project Mojave and used them in my own product creation and business — so I know they work.

Like I said, these videos are some of the best free content I've seen when it comes to online marketing. I've hit the highlights here, but if you already have a product or are interested in starting your own business, you should definitely check out the videos. (And perhaps Clay's product will be worth it to you to invest in. His other product, Project Mojave will likely never be released again. As I previously mentioned, I purchased Project Mojave and would highly recommend Clay's products to anyone interested in starting a business or increasing their business revenue. I've met Clay for drinks and even played tennis with him. He's a fellow Minneapolis resident and a great guy.)

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you watch the videos, sign up for Clay's email list, and then buy the Interactive Offer, I will get an affiliate commission. But, there's nothing for sale right now. I honestly believe that the free videos are, in and of themselves, worth watching.

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One more post like this, and many of us will be unsubscribing.

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Agreed with @Bob55698

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So, first you tell us that "zOMG this amazing product will never be offered again". Then you tell us you learned that very same trick, getting people to think they're getting a good early deal, from him.
And how come when people say that they've made so much money with their online business, why don't they ever say what/where the business is?

Elizabeth Lang's picture

I'm not quite sure what the first part of your comment means. Are you saying that I'm using the "trick" on you or he is using it on me? If it's the former, I have no tricks up my sleeve. I honestly think that these videos offering amazing free content and I really think they are worth watching if you're interested in entrepreneurship. I was personally told by Clay that he wasn't planning on launching Project Mojave again. I have no reason to doubt that.

In regards to the second part of your comment I'm happy to tell you where I make my money. My site's (Go Green Travel Green) revenue increased over 10-fold after learning about keyword research and seo from Project Mojave. My other major revenue source is a workout video product that I worked with a friend on. He already had a blog with a huge following - we worked together to create several products and had several $10,000+ launches. I was able to put those launches together because of what I learned in PM.

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great post! very interesting and it have some creative ideas to be applied.
could you maybe post your website links? it would be also interesting to learn from you. thanks!

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The Videos you link to are now Not available!

Your friend Clay says "SORRY! Due to High Demand, The Interactive Offer Coaching Program is FULL at this time." Erm. OK but he is happy to Capture your Email address?

While I can't judge your post accurately until I have watched these videos, I do feel that you should update the post to say the Videos are no longer available. Really surprised this is showing on Wisebread in its current form.

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Well, there are some interesting parts to this post. However, it seems to be a bit confusing. In Step 1: "What free product would you love for me to create just for you?", the final product isn't actually free, what seems to be free is the report or "information product" that you send them about the final product. Also, Groupon, which I've used, works because of the massive discount they offer, not the interactive part. It is possible that this method works, but frankly, I'm not so sure. I suppose that if you found a client who is willing to participate in this, that they would be interested in hearing your pitch. However, there is no information on how to actually find these people.