Make Your Clothing Fit Perfectly With These 10 No-Sew Fixes


It's a bummer when your favorite clothes no longer fit right, or what was once a perfectly good piece now has a big flaw. But don't give up and head to a pricey professional, or worse yet, toss that item. There are some surefire ways to get your clothes and accessories working for you again just by using a few economical fashion fixes. (See also: No-Sew Ways to Update Your Wardrobe)

1. Tight Pants

Whether you bought a snug pair or put on a little weight, a tight waistline is an easy fix. Pants expanders, like The Button Waist Extender or Easy Fit buttons and hooks, come in various sizes and easily fit around your existing waistband to give you extra room. You can also make your own button extender with a simple rubber band, which works great in a pinch, or when saving money on maternity pants.

2. Loose or Constricting Shoes

It's no fun when your shoes get stretched out. To keep shoes from slipping off your feet, you'll need to fill the gaps in the insole and heel areas. Try any of Dr. Scholl's sole inserts and heel cushions, which you can layer for your desired fit. Or, try similar loose shoe solutions from Foot Petals.

For those whose shoes are running too tight or need to quickly break in a new pair, you can purchase your own wooden shoe stretcher. These devices can be found at big box retailers and shoe stores, with some models running under $20. (See also: Best Discount Shoe Retailers on the Web)

3. Scratchy Tags

If you rip out uncomfortable clothing tags, you run the risk of tearing seams, losing valuable care instructions, or not being able to resell your item someday. Braza's Tack-Itz are small adhesive patches that cover annoying tags and don't irritate your skin. Or, for a DIY approach, cover your tags with an adhesive bandage or similar first-aid item that sticks to your fabric and protects your skin.

4. Slipping Zipper

The key ring zipper fix is a quick and easy way to keep a loose zipper up. Simply insert a key ring in the zipper pull and loop it over your button. I have even used a small hair band to do the same thing, although you usually have to loop it around the button several times.

5. Frayed Hems

Don't keep pants out of circulation due to length or a ripped hem. Removable hem tape, like those from Hollywood Fashion Secrets or Bristols, is a no-sew, no-iron fashion fix that works like invisible double-stick tape to keep your hems in place at any length you desire. It's also handy for fixing ripped cuffed hems on suits and dress pants. (See also: Use Duct Tape to Hem Pants)

6. Pilling Sweaters

If all those unsightly fuzzies mean your favorite sweater just sits the shelf, then it may be time to depill your sweater. One of the cheapest ways to do this is to use an ordinary disposable razor to gently shave off the fuzz balls. You can also buy an electric fabric shaver for $10 or less at many drugstores and big box retailers.

7. Popped Shirt Buttons

To fix a popped button quickly without sewing, try using the metal wire from a twist tie to hold the button in place temporarily. Or, you can try the Buttoneer, which is a no-sew device that uses fasteners to re-attach buttons, although the reviews are somewhat mixed. (See also: 10 Ways to Reuse Buttons)

If you are constantly on the verge of a wardrobe malfunction due to button positioning (think large gaps between buttons or plunging necklines), try a little fashion tape. Like hem tape, this double-stick tape will help secure your openings to act as an invisible button where you need it most.

8. Broken Drawstrings

You don't need to ditch your sweatpants or hoodie when your drawstrings get stretched out. First, remove the string entirely and knot one end to create an anchor. Attach a safety pin to the non-knotted end and thread it through the drawstring hole. Push the safety pin through the drawstring channel, scrunching the fabric as you go until it comes out the other side. Remove the pin, make another knot, and you're back in business.

9. Worn Soles and Heels

You can skip a professional cobbler and fix loafers and sneakers yourself with Shoe Goo Adhesive, which can help rebuild soles, repair heels, or secure loose insoles. Or, learn how to replace a worn-out heel tip on your favorite pumps or boots by searching new heel tips to find replacements that can be easily hammered on.

10. Tight Collar

If your collar is getting a bit hard to button, try collar extenders, which you can find at men's stores, big box retailers, and pharmacies. These cheap little items have a button that you can place in your shirt's buttonhole and a small loop to extend your shirt collar size as much as one-half inch or more.

What are some of your favorite economical fashion fixes?

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