Man drives SUV through mall

SUV going through mall

Warning: While no one appears to be injured, the last part of the video does show the suspect resisting arrest and getting subdued by the police with pepper spray and a baton. Viewer discretion is advised.

Malls and SUVs are two of the most identifiable icons of consumer excess and suburban conformity. Perhaps that's why I find the following video so satisfying. The image of a three-ton monster rampaging through an impersonal shopping space reminds me a lot of the 1984 Apple commercial, where conformity was also smashed into smithereens.

It is unclear why Stephen Lowe drove his SUV through the Augusta Mall. He probably didn't intend it as a grand statement against consumerism (the police charged him with DUI), but it is fun to imagine that he did.
According to the police:

"He drove through locked glass doors. Continued through the mall and made a left turn and proceeded toward where the new food court is. When he gets to the new food court, the vehicle turns right. The vehicle then drives through those glass doors and exits the mall.

He never stopped. He drove in through the side and came out the other side. He never stopped.

I've been in this business a long time. I've seen cars drive through businesses before, but it's usually to commit a burglary. This was just something I can't explain why he did it." Source: NBC Augusta

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Andrea Karim's picture

OK, I skipped the whole pepperspray part, but the drive through the mall was strangely exhilirating, kind of like that scene from The Italian Job, but less cutesy. Does it make me a bad person that I long to crash my Mazda 3 through the Qwest building downtown and drive around a bit?

Guest's picture

No, it makes you a wonderful person for wishing to cause thousands of dollars in damage to private property, which will of course ultimately be paid for by Qwest customers. Personally, I use a long string and two tin cans, so I will not be affected by your insane rampage.

Also, yes, it delights me too to see someone drive through a mall for the aforementioned reason plus I never shop at malls, which makes me totally unique and freethinking unlike all the CONFORMIST SUBURBAN DRONES. In fact all my friends say the exact same thing (or else they wouldn't be my friends).

Guest's picture

No, I have a feeling our main topic will be the black helicopters that circle your home. Also, I'd rather you not know where I live, for obvious reasons (you seem a bit unhinged).

Andrea Karim's picture

That explains a lot, actually.