McDonald's Treats for Less Than a Dime -- Chicago Area


Taking my kids to McDonald's is something I thought I would never do, especially after reading "Fast Food Nation." But I must admit when I am driving around with two kids strapped in car seats and lunch time approaches, it's any port in a storm, especially any port that has a drive-through.

So I was there today buying my daughter an ice cream cone when I saw these coupon books next to the register advertising 12 treats for $1. You get three coupons each for a baked pie, a cookie, a small cone and a small fries or apple dippers. The coupons, marketed as giveaways for trick-or-treaters, are valid from 11/1 through 12/31. You don't have to buy anything else when you redeem the coupon, but you do have to be under 12 years old.

The coupons say they are valid only at participating stores in the Chicagoland area and northwestern Indiana.

I'm sure McDonald's will make it all back and so much more when all the kiddies come in to redeem their treats and cement that lifelong addiction to fast food. That's why I will remember to smack my kids every time we go to McDonald's to prevent them from forming a positive association with the place. I'm kidding! The worst I will do is steal 70 percent of their french fries, 80 percent tops.

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Most McDonalds offer something similar. We always buy at least one book for treats we'd otherwise consider buying when using the McDonalds playland (on rainy or cold days when the kids moan about being bored).

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Another way that McDonald's markets to kids. Get kids hooked early.


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