Meet Our New Social Media Managers

Starting this week, our Twitter and Facebook accounts will be managed by our Senior Editor Meg Favreau and Community Coordinator Ashley Jacobs (who writes our Best Money Tips and Ask the Readers columns).

Our current social media manager, Kelly Whalen, has been a wonderful voice for Wise Bread. We're big fans of Kelly's talent and charisma. Unfortunately, so is the rest of the world! Kelly has been offered a ton of awesome opportunities, and she'll have to stop the day-to-day social medial work with Wise Bread to pursue them. In August Kelly is launching Splash Creative Media, an exciting new social media agency. She’ll also be speaking at several conferences, including BlogHer, The Financial Blogger's Conference and BlogPaws.

The Centsible Life will continue to be Kelly’s home on the web, where she’ll focus on living the life of your dreams on a budget. She’ll continue to tweet from @centsiblelife chatting about money, social media, and motherhood.

“It's been my a great pleasure to get to know the fans and readers of Wise Bread since they are such savvy people when it comes to spending smarter and living on less,” said Kelly. “I've learned so much from them, and from working with Wise Bread and am grateful I got to be a part of such an amazing team.”

We wish Kelly the best of luck! 

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