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Greetings and Thanks From the Wise Bread Family

Wise Bread is community blog made up of a family of writers who come from very diverse professional backgrounds, ranging from financial planners to software engineers. Our writers are also ruthless bargain hunters, proud parents, and funny people you would enjoy having a beer with (if you don't mind buying).

Sarah Winfrey

I've been writing for Wise Bread since December 2006 and I can honestly say that I've never worked with such a talented, interesting group of people.

Our readers? Also interesting. And for that, I thank you all deeply. I'm easily frustrated and have yet to become so with Wisebread. That says a lot about the kind of readers we have and the kind of feedback they give. So thanks, if only for lowering my stress level.

Outside of Wise Bread, I've most recently been pursuing art. Mixed media--acrylic on canvas with paper arts (prints, cutouts) thrown in. As soon as I buy some binder's board, I want to start making journals. An Etsy site is on the way, as soon as I get some time.

Five things you didn't know about Sarah (and maybe didn't want to know):

  • I can't keep track of celebrities unless I feel some connection with them as people. I don't even remember their faces (So, "Yeah, you remember her...she was in XYZ" doesn't help).
  • I'm an introvert who works intensely with people. And somehow that works for me.
  • Most people assume (I'm not sure why...maybe my blonde hair or the fact that I look perpetually young) that I don't drink, but I'm really a Guinness girl...unless Jose is around, or maybe some good Glenfidditch. Then I sip it. Straight.
  • I'm one of the most straightforward people you will ever meet. One of my professors told me that he kept me around so he'd know if he screwed up.
  • Along those lines, I can tell people things that no one else can. And I don't get beat up, yelled at, stared down, or anything else. I don't know why...maybe my good looks?


Andrea Dickson

I was raised by two really cool, stable, and loving parents who still can't figure out where they went wrong. My Russian grandmother coined a nickname for me that is both incredibly embarrassing and still in use by my family. Hardly anyone ever calls me Andrea, so it's kind of a shock to hear my name spoken out loud. My mother claims that I had learned to walk by 9 months of age and was speaking in full sentences before I turned 1. Mind you, "No!" is a full sentence, so....

I am in awe of my fellow writers here at Wise Bread, who continuously come up with great content on interesting subjects, and am thrilled to work with this group. I look forward to continuing to help Wise Bread grow and develop.

Random facts, in lieu of lovely black & white photos of me, as none exist:

  • Some people fear snakes, spiders, sharks, heights, or small spaces. I fear all of these, as well as balloons.
  • I gave up a lucrative career as a band geek to be the high school mascot (Elwood the Panther). I only got the part because the normal mascot panther was seriously injured in a car accident.
  • I can imitate almost any accent, save Australian. I always turn it into something completely different. My accent adoration is part of a weakness for exotic men that will ultimately be my downfall.
  • My secret fantasy is to become a lip-synching Bollywood movie star - hey, kuch kuch hota hain, you know?
  • That thing that people say about nose rings? That it might be a good idea when you're 18, but you'll look ridiculous wearing one at age 30? True.

Paul Michael

I got into blogging by accident. I saw the Wise Bread ad on Craigslist and thought, “hmm, I’m a writer (of sorts), I’d like to try my hand at that.” Several months later and I’m doing it on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis. It’s introduced me to so many new things, great people and keeps my mind busy.

My home life is just as busy and just as terrific. I’ve been married for almost seven years to Nikki, my beautiful wife, and we have two girls. Olivia is a very talkative and sassy three-year old, Isla is almost one year old and laughs all the time.

I’m an advertising copywriter by trade, I spent the first half of my career in London and then left the rat race to live in sunny Colorado. I love it here. Five things you may not want to know about me.

  • I was born on a coastal town and yet I cannot swim. I sink. I hate the water. It is my Kryptonite.
  • My favorite food is Indian. I could eat curry every day, seriously.
  • I once jumped off a moving train, hit the high-voltage lines and was thrown onto the platform. I incurred only one small burn on my wrist. Why I jumped is a long story but alcohol was involved (hanging my head).
  • My two favorite movies are both by the same director, Milos Forman…Amadeus and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. If you haven’t seen either of them, shame on you.
  • I met my wife online, completely unintentionally. We started as pen pals and I said several times "we will never meet." We did, obviously.

Nicole Olivia Isla


Jessica Okon

I've been with the WB since January of this year, and I give major props to the folks behind the scene who have not only busted their butts getting the site together, but have been equally informative with all of us writers. It has been a wonderful learning experience. What you, the readers may not be aware of is, we have some times here in cyberland.

A secret about me: I've never seen any Star Wars movies in their entirety. [Editor's note: I think that's some kind of child abuse.]


Julie Rains

I love being a Wise Bread blogger and am both fascinated and thrilled by its success. I love hearing (okay, reading) the questions that readers pose, which Will posts in our bloggers forum (which is also quite fun and entertaining); please keep those coming! My most popular article so far, DIY Mortgage Acceleration, was inspired by a reader question.

Some things about me you might not know (you've read my profile already right?):

  • I'm married and have two sons, all adorable, kind, and loads of fun;
  • I was the youngest of three girls but was an RA (Resident Advisor) in one of the athletic residence hall's in college (my most famous resident was Lawrence Taylor of the NFL) and so, I became accustomed to how the male mind works, which has come in handy the past several years. Now, here's my take on how the male mind works, at least by observation of 18-21-year-olds in my dorm. A man wants just 2 things: 1) to be loved for who he truly is (not his income, wealth, good looks, great singing voice, etc). and 2) well, you know the 2nd (just in case Linsey's kids are peeking as she reads or mine pop in); if he can't have both, he'll settle for 2.
  • Speaking of athletics, I saw Michael Jordan play his first college game at Carmichael Auditorium in Chapel Hill, NC.
  • Some fun stats on me: fastest 50-yard swimming time (indoors, relay) is 28.5 seconds; best 10K run is 56 minutes; fastest speed on a bicycle is 43 mph; longest distance in one day is 95 miles.
  • The investment advice that has helped me yield the highest returns (over a 5-year horizon) was from a speaker at an NAIC (National Association of Investors Corp) conference in the 1990s who said something like diversification lowers your returns; the speaker was from The Motley Fool.

Ed O'Reilly

First, I’d like to thank Wise Bread for letting me come aboard as a blogger. With 2 small children to care for and 2 small businesses to run, I’m not as active as I’d like to be but the feedback on my posts has been inspirational and constructive, so I’d like to thank the readers for their contributions to my articles.

  • I graduated from college in 3 years, with honors. My first major was biology, but I switched and got my BA in psychology. Shortly after graduation, I created my first design portfolio, taught myself the relevant Mac programs (anyone remember System 7?) and began down the career path in graphic design.


  • After seeing both Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page at LiveAid, I was so inspired that I taught myself guitar (no, not at the show... shortly thereafter, back in NY). Since then, I’ve played with a few small bands and continue to create my own stuff with GarageBand when I have time. And, as it turns out, I can play almost anything after hearing it just once.
  • I love movies and everything about film making, and my dream (and plan) is to sell one of my screenplays someday soon(!).
  • As far as favorite films, there are many I could list but I’d say my top 2 are ‘Fight Club’ for its bitter, nihilistic social commentary, and ‘Blade Runner’ for its stunning visuals and the questions it poses on what it is to be human.
  • I won a medal in judo, and it's one of my most prized possessions.

Jessica Harp

I’ve been writing for Wise Bread since July. Unfortunately, I’m not able to devote as much time to Wise Bread as I want to because I am finishing my Masters in Family Financial Planning and Counseling and working at Tacoma Goodwill Industries as a Financial Counselor and Educator. I am also an unpaid employee of the U.S. Army (read: military spouse), so performing my “unofficial duties” consumes a lot of my free time.

Although I can’t contribute as much as I would like, I LOVE reading the articles and readers’ responses to the articles because I get ideas to share with clients and/or topics to talk about in my classes. So, keep those comments coming!

5 Things You Don't Know About Jessica:

  • I picked out and paid for my engagement ring.
  • I am mildly allergic to anything with dander. Dogs, cats…my husband. Seriously.
  • The only kids I ever want are the ones I can return at the end of the day.
  • I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I “grow up”.
  • In my book, cleanliness is close to godliness.

Linsey Knerl

I have only been with Wse Bread since this summer, but it already feels like a home away from home! Home educating 4 young children keeps me very busy and also very careful with my money, so sharing some of my life strategies only seemed right.

Five things you may not know about me are:

  • I started taking dance lessons (tap, ballet, jazz, hip-hop) when I was 4 years old. I continued for 13 years and student-taught at my studio before a freak grease fire injury to my leg caused me to sit out a year. Sadly, I never got back into it. I also still play the piano well and am a decent drummer.
  • I met my husband online. I almost never met him due to his introduction email landing in my yahoo spam folder. A strange urge to check the "trash" before emptying it (like I normally do) kept us from being two strangers passing by each other forever. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me!
  • If I had a million dollars, my favorite food would still be those cheap little Totino's pizzas. My favorite kind is Canadian bacon.
  • I never make my bed. It seems like a waste of time to me. My husband disagrees.
  • One of my favorite pastimes is mowing my yard in the country with my father's 0-point turning mower. It's my time to be away from the kids and think. Plus I love the sound of cutting down really thick pigweeds.

Justin Ryan

A little about me: I'm in my mid-twenties, a professional writer, and a tech geek. In addition to writing for Wise Bread, I'm the blog manager and editor for First Wive's World, an online community for divorced women. I own a tech consulting company on the side, and as of October 1, am the News Editor for I'm a Free/Open Source Software nut - as the other bloggers can attest - enough that I use Ubuntu full-time on my production machines.

Five things you don't know about Justin:

  • I hate to be photographed. (Hence, no funny photos from me.)
  • I have an overwhelming weakness for office supplies. Some people subscribe to Playboy, I get the Office Depot catalog.
  • I have a mild case of OCD. The other bloggers entertain themselves trying to make me twitch.
  • I can't spell the word their correctly to save my life. I can spell floccinaucinihilipilification off the top of my head, but I can't get their.


Philip Brewer

I want to thank all the commenters who point out things I didn't think of. Some people point out stuff that I should have thought of but didn't. Others point out stuff that I'd never have thought of. I appreciate both sorts. Thank you!

Five things you don't know about me:

  • I like to make up words, especially words that ought to exist. Words like "transprimocity" (what the parking spaces directly across from the prime parking spaces have) and squozelled (meaning having been squoze, which is like being squeezed, almost). I try not to use these words in Wise Bread posts, though.
  • When I pass certain roadside signs, I raise a fist and call out like I'm chanting at a political rally: "End Construction Zone!"
  • I once fasted for a week (to provide moral support for a friend who was fasting for medical reasons). On the fifth day of this fast I competed in a racquetball tournament and came in second.
  • Two years ago I went on a 100 mile bike ride. (This year I've been all distracted with job stuff and writing stuff and am not in such good shape, but ride 30 miles pretty often.)
  • I speak Esperanto, and use it to communicate with people all over the world. In 1999 I went to a conference in Berlin where I got to hang out with a couple thousand Esperanto speakers.

Myscha Theriault

What does writing for Wise Bread mean to me? Well for starters, it honors and fits in with the lifestyle and family choices I've settled upon. But more than that, as I mentioned during a recent discussion on Nora's blog, there's a spiritual component to this for me as well. To think about the power of what our world could truly be like if everyone was freed up from unnecessary financial crap and lousy jobs to work on what they felt called to do . . . it's mindblowing.

Being able to check out of the regular work-a-day scene has allowed me to explore and support worthy projects and issues, as well as to focus more on family. This has made a tremendous difference in my life and the lives of the people I've been able to assist, which in essence, is what financial independence is all about to me. At Wise Bread, people can come and be exposed to all sorts of strategies and ideas for achieving greater financial control. With the lack of unbiased and easily implemented financial education out there at a time when things are getting more difficult economically, access to this type of information is more important than ever. In short, I just plain believe in what Wise Bread is trying to do.

Things you may not know about me:

  • Self described travel enthusiast with a passion for all things Middle Eastern whose pet peeves include string beans and hard butter
  • My favorite proverb: Trust in God but tie your camel. I love this saying because it pretty much nails the fact that while you are ultimately not in control of everything, you certainly have your fair share of responsibility in every situation.


Nora Dunn

I have experienced every end of the lifestyle spectrum: From starving artist, to not-so-starving entrepreneur, to really not-so-starving Certified Financial Planner, to coming full current status, which is that of a Professional Hobo and Writer.

Having worked prominently in the financial services industry for over 10 years (6 of which was spent running my own financial planning practice), I have the dirt on real money matters....not just stats and boring facts and figures that leave you reeling.

And as a Professional Hobo, you can count on my frugal living tips, rest assured that I practice what I preach.

Recent writing credits include Paragon Travel, Bushducks, Travel Post Monthly, Snap Beaches newspaper, Wcities, and others.

Five things you may not know about Nora:

  • Used to be a competitive skydiver (now there's a game you don't want to lose at)
  • Used to be a concert pianist growing up
  • Raced motorcycles (casually, if you can call hurtling down a racetrack at 150mph "casual")
  • Is an avid mountaineer and cave explorer.


Will Chen

You know that old saying about loving your work and you'll never work a day in your life? Well, that's my life. I love waking up and reading your emails. I love giving out the weekly prizes to readers who always tell me that they've never won anything before. I love following the links you leave in your comments and exploring your wonderful blogs.

Most of all, I love working with our writers. I am amazed by their talent and generosity on a daily basis. Of course, on some days they are also the most wonderful group of people you ever want to strangle with your bare hands. I guess that makes them family. Five things you didn't know about me:

  • Will eat anything on a dare.
  • What I'm thinking right now: Why did I put my own paragraph under Nora's? How can I compete against a bike-riding, scene-stealing, mountain-climbing, personal finance guru with fabulous green shoes?
  • Favorite quote: "If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do."
  • If most of life's important moments involve nudity, I'm not quite sure why I need to wear pants around the house.
  • Has an unhealthy crush (is there any other kind?) on Clonie Gowen.

Lynn Truong

I didn't know what I was getting into when I signed on. I had some ideas, hopes, wild fantasies (keep it clean, folks). As is often the case with life though, it's rarely what you expect, and usually better than you could have imagined. I'm honored to be in the midst of talented and down to earth people, making the world a better place, one finance advice at a time.

  • I was once quoted in an LA Times article about 20 somethings and the quarterlife crisis. The quote: "We require not only a job that pays us well, but a job we like to go to, with a good working environment and co-workers we get along with," said Lynn Truong, 22, an assistant media planner at advertising agency Grey Worldwide, who recently gave her two-week notice. Upper management wasn't too happy about seeing that.
  • I totaled my car by crashing into a tree because I was trying to avoid a [big] branch in the middle of the road. I didn't have a seat belt on and ended up in the passenger seat. I believe that if I had hit the tree in a different angle, I would have been flung outside the car.
  • I started out as a lefty, but my dad made me switch to my right hand. For awhile I was ambidextrous, but eventually became a righty. I will always blame my dad for stunting my right brain growth (leftys are supposed to be more creative).
  • My dad calls me by "Lynn Truong" and my mom calls me by my full chinese name. They speak to me in chinese and I respond in english.
  • I rehearse conversations I'll never have.

Leave a Comment, Win a Prize

I hope you have enjoyed our co-op blogging experiment. At times, we’ve been limited by the blogging format and the fact that we don't have a budget like the New York Times.

While most of us are part-time bloggers with day jobs, we always strive to bring you honest and well-researched information in every post.

We're far from perfect and would love your opinion on how we can improve.

Drop us a note in the comments section and get entered in a random drawing for $25 Amazon Gift Certificate!

Deadline to enter drawing is 9/29 midnight. Don't forget to enter your email address in the field provided and only one entry per person.

This drawing is over.  Congrats to Angie, the winner of the drawing.  Thank you to everyone who participated! 

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Guest's picture

Just stopping by to say I love the wittiness and the sense of humor that seems to be an inherent part of the writing style for most of your writers. That, and to enter into the contest :)

Guest's picture

I can't even remember how I found wise bread, but I'm always interested in money and personal finance. I like how readable it is, and really can't think of any improvements.

Guest's picture

Just another frugal website. At least that's what I thought when I first stumbled across wisebread a couple of months ago. You have hit some rough patches but you do keep getting better. It is now one of the few frugall living blogs I follow. Frankly it is the only one that doesn't depress the hell out of me.

Guest's picture

I visit regular and look forward to new posts that are added here.

Guest's picture

This is one of the few blogs that haven't been rotated out of my rss feed reader, based on how my whim strikes me. Love, love, love the frugal living content (esp that one about rubber bands!)

Will Chen's picture

I love the kittys on your blog's header.  The one on the left looks just like my Mimi.  =)

Guest's picture

I enjoy WB very much. I try to read it every day

Guest's picture

I just want to thank you all for taking the time to let us learn a little more about you all! You add such a fun and witty angle to living more simply and with frugality! Thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm!

Guest's picture

Thanks for the "meet our writers" post - you guys have a great site here and it was cool to read about who you are!

Guest's picture
Jennifer S. S.

I like the site, it's informative and very readable. Gimme that gift

Guest's picture

I love WB because it is written by numerous people. Thus it gives a variety to read on. Some blogs I read are written by one person one perspective, but not WS. It feels like reading an online magazine, so interesting and yet that is FRUGAL. I get information for FREE and information is KING. Thus is FREE=KING or KING=FREE?

Guest's picture
Miss DJ

I love the variety of material on this site :)

Guest's picture

Thanks for sharing info on all the writers. This is one of my daily read blogs. Keep up the great work!

Guest's picture

Wise Bread has enriched my life, and honestly is the place I'd wished I'd had when I was younger. It's a wonderful place to learn about life, and how to live it without overexerting your means. Most people are not born into a situation in which money is not an issue. Money is always an issue, and your help makes it less of an issue.

Guest's picture

I've been following Wise Bread off and on for several months now. I enjoy the collaborative nature of the blog. It's refreshing to hear from several voices and be able to match face to message.

Most bloggers choose to stay somewhat anonymous but Wise Bread bloggers choose to be more transparent. I like that!

Guest's picture

Out of all the personal finance blogs I read, I find Wisebread to be the least preachy, but chock-a-block with good tips and information, with just enough humour tossed in to make it fun to read. Keep up the good work!

Guest's picture

Also, I have a question and comment for Andrea Dickinson. The question, if you don't mind my asking, is what is the nickname your grandmother coined? I promise I won't laugh. =) Also, "That thing that people say about nose rings? That it might be a good idea when you're 18, but you'll look ridiculous wearing one at age 30? True." SO TRUE! Although, I do miss my lip ring occasionally.

Guest's picture

For some reason it wouldn't let me use my email..

In case it doesn't work this time, you can reach me at:

Andrea Karim's picture

Perhaps I'll do a pointless post about that later. It's actually not an embarrassing name per se, it's just that there are endless varietions of it (like nicknames for the nickname, because the nickname is a bit of a mouthful, since it's Russian).

Let's put it this way: said in a Russian accent, by an elderly Russian woman, it's extremely cute. Pronounced in an American accent, carelessly, in the middle of Payless Shoes, by my mother? It sounds kind of close to the word "douche".


I will probably never hear the end of this.

I know that WB writers aren't eligible for gift certificates, but I think maybe I should get one this time? 

Guest's picture

I just started reading Wise Bread and so far I've enjoyed it. I've just recently started my own blog and am inspired that you managed to create a small site and turn it into a success in such a small time period. This post proves that your writers are personally invested in the site and willing to share themselves with the readers. Good show!

Guest's picture

This site has been a recent discovery - and I keep returning. Great job !

Guest's picture

Enjoy reading a lot! I just wish Bloglines wouldn't keep picking up the same postings over and over again.

I'm with you on the nicknames, too, Andrea. I am still only called by my real name if someone's ticked off at me. Fortunately, none of mine remotely sound like "douche."

Guest's picture

Hi Wise Bread Writers,

Thanks so much for all you do. I really appreciate the breadth of knowledge and applicability to all ages. It seems so many of the blogs today are just for 20 or 30 somethings. Us older folks enjoy learning new ways to reach our aspirations!

Guest's picture

I love WB because of the great topics from frugal lifestyle to motivational tips. I enjoy reading the posts and am looking forward to reading more.

Guest's picture

I read it whenever I can. You guys really make it feel like having a conversation over drinks with smart friends who know lots of cool stuff. Then the guy at the next table that you weren't even talking to pipes in with some interesting tidbit, and you invite him over for a beer. It's like that.

I tell everyone about it. (See, there's this guy I know, his name is Everyone...) No really, I tell people! No matter how much money people have, nobody likes to waste it.

Guest's picture
Grace Kim

found you guys a month ago and love the content..

Guest's picture

I can't remember how I stumbled upon the site, but it was Andrea Dickson's "break-up letter" to Capital One that got me hooked. One read and I was yours, Wisebread. I visit this site almost daily, and I enjoy the sometimes lively discussions that occur in comments when a really strong or poignent article is written.

Thanks for such a great and inspiring blog site! Keep it up!

Guest's picture

i like the wide variety of posts based on each writer's differing ages, interests, and professions.

most other "personal finance" blogs all jump on the same topics and/or thought process. i like wisebread b/c it isn't the same thing rehashed and linked and "best this week" back and forth.

keep on spreading the good word.

Guest's picture

Thanks to all of you who contribute to this site. I read it everyday and always get something I can really think about or apply to my life.

Guest's picture

I loved reading about the writer's of this site! Keep up the good work!

Guest's picture

I confess to being a proud mom. Linsey Kerl one of your writers is my daughter and our love of writing is a trait we share. I've been her biggest fan since before she stepped out on stage in her yellow tutu at age four. She talks about this site alot so I had to check it out and because of your content and writing talent will return regularly.

Guest's picture

It's been said above, but I love that you come from all different perspectives and don't seem to take yourselves as seriously as other pf blogs (in a GOOD way!) I would love to see more personal "stories" from each one of you and maybe others about living frugally and personal finance. I also like posts like this where each one of you gives an answer to the same question. Thanks for what you do!!!

Guest's picture

This is my first visit to this site. What a pleasant surprise that the first post I read is about the writers. What a great introduction! I can't wait to read more. =)

Guest's picture

Congratulations on your landmarks - I'm addicted to checking in on you even though most financial advices doesn't really apply to me being a Norwegian - still I do enjoy your articles and advices :)

Guest's picture

I have been enjoying your web site for a while now - don't know how long. I've sent links to friends, and hope they've become some of your regular visitors!

You know more than I do about so many things, it's always a pleasure to come here to discover your new offerings. :)

Guest's picture
Avid reader

I come to this site daily for inspiration, information and sense! You have a lot of it. What I can't use, or for some reason can't stand...are posts about food (recipes) or drink (alternates to caffeine?!). Sorry. I'm sure it's my weird issue, because your other posts are mostly brilliant and funny. I guess it's because the money/job/frugal issues are a unique combination of the bottom-line money vs. life energy crunch so many of us find ourselves in today, and recipes/drinks are really an insignificant matter of taste. There are many other frugal blog sites that cover the up-to-date minutiae of cheap foods, and if you're talking frugal, I guess that's ok. But if it's just an opinion about what you like tastewise...I just don't think it follows the overall tone of wisebread. I don't really care, and I know I can just not read those posts...but if they start to outnumber the meaty money/job/life decisions posts, I'll probably get out of the habit of checking back.

Guest's picture

Thank you so much for all your postings. I have learned so much and enjoy sharing what I have learned with my family. Keep up the great work Lorna

Guest's picture

WiseBread is a great looking blog and a great read.

Guest's picture

I don't remember exactly how I found this website, since I move through websites fairly quickly.

Mainly I enjoy that it's not like other pf blogs, where you have people trying to out frugal each other, or patronize you with a "I know more than you do" tone. The patronizing part is especially annoying when they're not exactly right or an actual expert.

Also, the fact that both women and men write is a plus, since so few women tackle this subject-and that the writers' backgrounds are all varied as well.

Finally, the breadth of topics on this site is enjoyable as well. It seems to me you can only talk about spending less so much before you run out of topics, unless you move more into the personal side of finances.

Guest's picture

I've only been here a few times and I love the format and style of the writing. You guys do a great job. I'm honored to comment on a blog that likes its readers -- a lot!


Keep doing what you're doing, it works!

Guest's picture

This is one of my very favorite blogs. It has great advice and even gets crafty! I love reading about how others tweak their lifestyles to live richly without going broke. The diversity here is just fantastic.

Guest's picture

Jessica wrote:

"Also, the fact that both women and men write is a plus, since so few women tackle this subject-and that the writers' backgrounds are all varied as well."

So few women tackle WHAT subject, exactly?! Money? Wow. I don't agree at all with that. Yikes. Welcome to the free world, 2007.

One thing I love about Wisebread is that it's modern, and not sexist at all. If we must bring gender into it, the articles written by the, uh, 'women', could very well have been written by the 'men'. Half the time on Wisebread I don't know if the writer is male or female until I look at the author's name. I love that.

Guest's picture

I really like WiseBread. I like reading about your lives and all your twists on your tips.

Once in a while a wisebread writer wanders to my blog and posts a comment and I feel like someone famous touched me. lol

Keep up the fun great work!

Will Chen's picture
Will Chen

We feel the same way when other PF bloggers like yourself leave us a comment.  =)

We are still pretty new compared to some of the other established PF bloggers.  So we are still constantly amazed that you guys take the time out of your busy lives to leave us comments. 

Half the time on Wisebread I don't know if the writer is male or female until I look at the author's name. I love that

How about our pictures! 


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Hell no, I love you guys! As much as I love winning, especially free stuff (!), the contest is just an added bonus for me. I’m more grateful for the opportunity to thank all of the WB writers for their diligent efforts. Since discovering WB two months ago, I’ve wanted to applaud you all, but not being very tech savvy, (along with money savvy, which is how I came to find you), I know nothing about blogs and chat rooms, etc. I’m so glad to have the chance to thank all of you at once. Of late, I have resolved myself to learning the fine art of frugality, to paraphrase Linsey, because of choices I’ve made; and because I didn’t care for the term frugal, I was happy to hear “living large on a small budget”. That phrase strikes me as much more civilized and appealing. I loved your site instantly. It’s comforting to find I’m not alone in my quest to cut costs and save money. It’s also nice to not feel like an outcast. Plus you guys and gals are the bomb. Your tips are fantastic. The information you give is useful, interesting and some of it tried and true. I’m glad to be part of a community of smart people who don’t judge me ‘cause I’ve downsized my life! Thank you and keep up the awesome work! Love it!

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I am one of those geeks who loves articles describing the 100 secret uses for staples or innocuous household objects. Your recent article on the potato had me dying to race home and try all those neat tricks. Thank you and nice to meet everyone at WB!

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I also love this website. I check it often. I forward the articles to family and friends (although I don't know if they think it as funny or great... being that most of them are debt loving spenders). Thanks to all the writers. Also, I think you said something about "open mike night"... so my question, request, imploration (did I just make that word up?) is can we have more articles on how to save money for retirement/put money to work on a frugal budget? And when I say frugal, I mean two incomes that only equals really only one (and a small one at that) while also having a family to keep. Oh and I do love the fact that all the WB writers come from a different perspective, as that is not the case with many other places.

Thanks again for all your hard work and love for the writing!

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I like being able to read different authors and views. It keeps it interesting and personal, not just dry boring financial information. Also you cover lots of different topics and have a sense of humour about life. All makes for a good site!