Frugal living can be fun. Our money saving book provides tons of quick, easy tips on how to live the good life without breaking the bank:

  • 9 Ways to See the World For Free
  • Claim Big Savings Even After You Missed the Sale
  • 12 Ways to Live Rent or Mortgage Free
  • 6 Steps to Eliminating Your Debt Painlessly
  • 20 Signs a Pink Slip is Coming
  • 10 Killer Ways to Feel Like a Millions Bucks
  • 50 Ways to Get the Most Out of Health Care
  • 6 Horrible Financial Products to Avoid
  • 10 Ways to Go Green and Save Money
  • 6 Ways to Pay Less for College
  • 7 Ways to Score Free Food
  • Bulk Buying 101
  • Get Hidden Cell Phone Discounts With One Email
  • Easy Way to Save 3 Months' Salary
  • Best & Worst Places to Stash Cash at Home
  • 12 Fabulous Frugal Party Ideas

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Our savvy gurus come from a rich array of backgrounds. Among our ranks are financial consultants, journalists, top 10 bloggers, career counselors, professors, advertising experts, homemakers, and even professional hobos!

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“This book is just what we need right now,” says U.S. News & World Report.  Best-selling author Jeff Yeager calls our book a “treasure trove of innovative, practical ideas for saving money without sacrificing the joy in life.”

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