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The Best Small Business Credit Cards of 2018

A terrific way to earn some extra cash when running a business is by using the right business credit card. Depending on how much your business spends, the potential savings could be thousands of dollars. Small business credit cards are valuable when used properly. In addition to earning rewards, you can use them to track spending and manage employee cards. […]

The Best Gas Credit Cards of 2018

Don’t look now, but gas prices are slowly on the rise. Admittedly, the last few years have been really nice from a gas price perspective.  Most of the country is paying in the low $2 range for their gas. In some locations, we’re talking a buck ninety. Low gas prices reduce the benefits of the best gas credit cards.  The lower cost of gas reduces your savings. […]

7 Ways to Evaluate the Best Online Savings Accounts

I’m a huge fan on online banking. In fact, I opened our first online savings account with ING Direct (now Capital One 360) over ten years ago, and I haven’t looked back since. Sure, I still have a local brick and mortar bank for convenience, but I keep the vast majority of our savings online. Why? […]

How To Tell if a Credit Card Annual Fee is Worth It

The best credit cards often come with annual fees. From $59 to $450, these hefty fees can set you back a pretty penny. Here are six questions to ask to determine if a credit card annual fee is worth it. Credit cards that come with annual fees usually dangle some pretty impressive perks in front of applicants. […]

The Fine Art of ‘Reverse Budgeting’

Budgeting is an incredibly popular topic among the financially savvy. And yet some of the most financially-savvy people I know don’t actually budget. With zero based budgeting, there’s no longer any excuse to avoid a budget. When you think about a budget, what do you think of? You might think of having umpteen different categories to divide all of your expenses among. […]

5 Early Retirement Challenges You MUST Be Prepared For

Early retirement is a dream for many. While saving enough to accomplish this goal is challenging, it’s just the beginning. Here are five challenges you must include in your early retirement planning. It seems as if everyone these days is planning for early retirement – or at least planning to plan for early retirement. Saving and investing a lot of money is the obvious starting point. […]

Is Travel Insurance Worth the Cost?

Every time you book a costly trip you’re faced with this question: Is travel insurance worth it? We help you answer this question. We also show you how you can get travel insurance for free. If you’ve booked a vacation for your family lately or sent your kid off on a school-sponsored field trip, you’ve probably considered trip cancellation insurance. […]

How to Assume a Car Lease (And Pocket Some Cash)

Taking over a car lease can be a great way to get your next car. While there are many advantages, however, there are some things to watch for. We’ll cover how to take over a lease, some resources to help you out, and the pros and cons of taking over a car lease. You may be weighing the pros and cons of buying or leasing a car. […]

6 Easy Steps to Gain Control of Your Money

Getting help with your finances can be overwhelming. Before seeking help from others, here are 6 ways you can gain control of your money on your own. It’s no secret that many Americans are worried about money. Some of us are worried about how we’re going to pay bills due next week. Others are concerned about our long-term financial future. […]