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Abundance vs Lack Mentality: Is Lack Holding You Back?

The following is a guest post from Melissa Blevins at The main idea behind the classic book As a Man Thinketh by James Allen is that man is the sum of his thoughts. In other words, if you think negatively, you'll reap negative consequences. […]

Early Retirement Strategy: How to Retire on Less Money

The following is a guest post from Your Money Geek. Planning for early retirement can be intimidating. The available information online varies widely on how much money you will need to retire. […]

Real Estate Investing and Expecting the Unexpected

The following is a guest post by Riley from Young and the Invested.  Real estate investing often meets unexpected pitfalls, such as acquiring a money pit, handling overly needy tenants, or buying in an area which did not measure up to your expectations. […]

LINK by Prudential Review - Your Roadmap for Investing, Insurance, and Financial Direction

The following is a guest post from Hank Coleman at Money Q&A. This review is sponsored by Prudential. All opinions are from the author. Personal finance is just that - personal. In today's world of smartphone apps and fintech, it's often hard for consumers to receive detailed and actionable financial strategies online. […]

The Power Of $25 A Day To Reach Your Financial Goals

The following is a guest post by Scott from Making Momentum. After listening to countless hours of the best personal finance podcasts and pouring over the top recommended books on money, there were two concepts ever-present. Manage your spending like the Millionaire Next Door and continue to diversify your income streams or make focused efforts to grow existing ones. […]

Various Forms of Day Trading

The following is a guest post by Alexander from It has been proven that long-term money investments offer the best returns concerning the time expenditure associated with such investments. However, even speculative investments with a very short time horizon can generate profits. Day trading is one of the most popular speculative investment strategies. […]

5 Reasons You Need a Robo-Advisor

The following is a guest post from Barbara A. Friedberg from Robo-Advisor Pros.  When I mention to my friends that I’m passionate about fintech and robo-advisors, I’m typically met with a blank stare. […]

How to Allocate Your Assets for Financial Freedom

The following is a guest post from Millionaire Mob. Allocating assets is very important. Actually, it’s likely the most important component for building sustained wealth over time. If you can master budgeting and saving, congrats! […]

An Alternative Look at the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) Movement

The following is a guest post from Kevin at Next Level Finance. One of the biggest trends in the personal finance world in recent years has been the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement. At its best, it’s a passionate group of individuals seeking independence from traditional employment and a healthy work/life balance. […]

Four Enjoyable Activities for 2019 That Help You Saving Money

The following is a guest post by Alexander from Daytradingz. How much money do you use to spend on all the things that you like to do when you have some time off? On the average, all households in the United States spend about 4% of their income on entertainment. In the very first moment, this doesn't seem to be much at all. […]