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Three Reasons to Love and Hate a 15-Year Mortgage

The following is a guest post from Stephen from The Fire Lane. Interest rates are rising. At the end of 2018, it is still a good time to refinance for many. […]

Protect your Financial Data With These 11 Simple Steps

The following is a guest post from Mike at Miked Up Blog. I had an email stop me completely in my tracks last week… I probably receive over 100 emails a day and this is the first one I can remember that made me stop what I was doing, re-read the text twice, and then take a deep breath. The emails reason for being? […]

Why Real Estate Crowdfunding May Make Sense for Your Portfolio

The following is a sponsored post from EquityMultiple. Maybe you’ve heard of “real estate crowdfunding” and associate the term with Kickstarter and GoFundMe (and investments that don’t inspire much confidence). Perhaps you’re unclear on how the concept differs from REITs. […]

Your Car Payment Can Delay Your Retirement By 14 Years

The following is a guest post from The Finance Twins. A CNBC headline from earlier this year touted that the average car payment in the U.S. is now a staggering $523. It says the average total amount borrowed is a whopping $31,453. Both are record highs. At the same time, there are also a record high number of people who are unable to make a $400 payment in case of an emergency. […]

Five Things You Should Know about High Frequency Trading

The following is a guest post from Alexander. He started his career in the financial business back in 1999. For many years, sharing investment ideas with his readers on his website is an important part of his life. High-frequency trading describes the practice to submit thousands of orders per second. […]

Get the Best Money Posts Delivered to Your Inbox

How would you like the best personal finance posts from across the world delivered to you each weekday? Well, you can by subscribing to the Rockstar Finance daily newsletter or simply following the site via RSS. They hand-select top money posts and have gained the reputation as the go-to site for the best personal finance content. So why read hundreds of articles every day when they send the ve […]

Just Get a Will!

Here's my annual public service reminder that we all need a will! If you don't have one and pass away, here's what happens. Summary: it's not good. For reference, here are some past posts on the subject: You Need a Will  Four Documents You'll Need as Part of Your Estate Plan  Proof that You Need a Will (And What to Do About It)  […]

Average Debt by Age

Here's a list of average debt by age in the U.S.: Under 35: $67,40035–44: $133,10045–54: $134,60055–64: $108,30065–74: $66,00075 and up: $34,500 It includes mortgages, student loans, etc. I'm thinking it's a lot better than I would have guessed. Maybe the average is lowered by a bunch of people on the low-end with zero debt? What do you think? […]

Two Ways to Improve Your Retirement Savings

CNBC lists two ways to improve your retirement savings as follows: Two steps — delaying retirement until 67 and putting away at least 6 percent of your salary — can make a huge difference, according to new research from Morningstar. Here's why these are such good moves: Just those two actions could boost the chances that American households will have what they need in their golden years to 71.2 […]

Three Mental Models for Personal Finance

The following is a guest post from The Master Dukes of Dollars. The two bloggers held court frequently, delving into lifestyle and personal finance discussions as they searched for ways to live an optimal life, eventually deciding to invite a global audience into their mindsets by establishing their own blog together. […]