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My Promises to Readers

I promise that I’ll shoot straight and give you my honest opinions.

I promise to tell you what’s worked for me, what hasn’t, and if I don’t know anything about a topic (like tax rates on foreign oil investments in South America), I’ll tell you.

I promise that you’ll probably hear a lot of things that your mom or dad said, but you know what, mom and dad were right in many cases.

I promise you won’t hear the latest get-rich-quick scheme, hot stock tip, or how to borrow your way to prosperity (unless you hear me telling you about how these are bad ideas).

I promise I will give plain, simple advice that if you follow it, will consistently increase your net worth.

I promise the site will feature articles, links to great sites, interviews with people who have something good to add, reviews of products, and anything else I can come up to help you increase your net worth.

I promise that just for fun, I may throw in some wacky stuff once in awhile – like an article on my Indianapolis Colts, an update on the NASCAR Nextel Cup Championship, the details of the latest chess world championship, the exploits of my favorite bike team, or a review of how my rose growing hobby is going this summer. I want to keep us all on our toes and break up the money-talk every once in awhile.

It should be a fun and rewarding time. I invite you (and your friends, family, and business associates) to join me. I hope you will visit frequently, add your comments, and tell your friends and family about the site that offers free and simple advice on money and finance designed to maximize your net worth.

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Press Mentions of Free Money Finance

Business Week:

"We've identified some of the most worthwhile investing blogs...worth visiting, whether you're a casual stockpicker or a seasoned pro in search of fresh ideas. [Free Money Finance] offers an inspiring mix of timeless investing wisdom and money-making ideas."

The Wall Street Journal:

"There are thousands of personal-finance blogs on the Internet. [Here is] a popular one."

U.S. News & World Report:

"Practical advice on maximizing income, curbing expenses, and amassing wealth."


"FreeMoneyFinance is our kind of blog. The blogmaster offers a constant stream of original and linked money-making tips, plus helpful ideas about credit cards, insurance, real estate, taxes and retirement. Well done."

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