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Written by: Jeremy Vohwinkle

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About Jeremy Vohwinkle

Jeremy Vohwinkle is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, the Financial Planning writer at, and founder of Generation X Finance.

As a past financial planner and current retirement planner, Jeremy brings real world experience and expertise to Generation X Finance. The site was created to help provide financial information to a generation that needs it most. Generation X is in a unique position where juggling debt, saving for retirement, raising a family, and caring for aging parents is taking a toll on their finances. Jeremy loves helping people make better decisions with their money, and maintaining a blog and writing for provide a means to reach a lot of people.

Generation X Finance has a targeted audience of readers between age 25-40 and focuses on financial topics that are important to this demographic. Many topics focus on retirement planning, getting out of debt, investing, and saving money. Readers generally come here seeking information, research, and recommendations for products and services.

Press Mentions

As a finance professional and freelance writer I’ve had a number of opportunities to help provide information and commentary for a variety of media outlets. Since one of my primary goals with this site and my writings at has to do with educating people about their finances, I’m always open to helping journalists or reporters with a finance story. I enjoy the opportunity to help spread the word about money issues and would love to help you with your upcoming feature. If you’re looking for a new angle on a story or just want to pick my brain for ideas, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sample of Press Mentions of Generation X Finance:

  • Cosmopolitan Magazine: The Smart Chick’s Guide to Living Big on Less, March 2009, pg. 146-149, by Bethany Heitman - Jeremy provides tips and advice for young women to make the most of their money in a tough economy. From saving more to spending less, there are plenty of tips to help every woman become more financially savvy.
  • New York Daily News: How You Can Save $20,000 in One Year, by Nicole Pesce, January 28, 2009 - This article appeared in both the print and online editions of the Daily News. Jeremy helps by offering a number of small tips that add up to big savings over time.

In addition to the above, I’ve also contributed to or have been mentioned in a number of other online and traditional publications, such as MSN Money, AOL Money & Finance, USA Today, AARP, US News, and many more.

Check the Generation X Finance Press page for more.

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Benefits of Advertising on Generation X Finance:

  • Targeted audience that is actively seeking information.
  • Visitors who are comfortable buying products online.
  • Over 50% of traffic comes from search engines.
  • Consistent traffic growth since inception.
  • Affiliation with the Financial Planning author at

Advertising Options:

There are a number of advertising options available. Generation X Finance accommodates the most popular ad formats ranging from leaderboard banners, skyscrapers, 300×250 pixel ads, 125×125 pixel ads, half banners, affiliate programs, the ability for full site sponsorship, and more. Please contact us with any advertising requests you may have.