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Illegal Things Landlords Do – and What You Can Do About It

I count myself lucky that I made it through four decades of life without a bad landlord story. Over the years, I’d heard countless tales from friends about their landlord nightmares, some of which ended in small claims court. But I still maintained a naivete about landlords that was based mostly on my inability to understand wanting to blatantly rip off another human being who’s been a good tenant […]


Back in February, I answered a reader mailbag question about principles, in which I said I was working on an article that was simply a list of the guiding principles in my life, both financial and otherwise. […]

Some Advice for When You’re Losing Motivation for Your Financial Plans

For the past ten days or so, two of my closest friends have been visiting Iceland together. They’ve shared some stunning pictures of hot springs, auroras, the city life of Reykjavik, and other things. I’ve been enjoying the pictures and I’m glad they got the chance to make the trip, but there’s a sizable portion of me that wants to be there, too. […]

A New Book’s Three-Step, No-Frills Plan for Achieving Your Goals

While I pride myself on my rationality, I can also be a hopeless romantic. I like to believe that everyone can find true love, a job they like, and a way to express their innate creativity. I think that’s why every now and again I like to read self-help books. […]

Lessons from a Six-Year-Old Credit Card Statement

Yesterday’s article, The Financial Noise, was originally a very, very long draft that included several specific stories from my own life where I talked about the realization of the negative financial impact of “noise” in my life. […]

Online Shopping Is Too Convenient — So I’m Making It Harder on Myself

While I normally live a very frugal lifestyle, I have a sad confession to make: During the month of September, I spent over $250 on I did pick up a new bed for my dog (necessary), so that’s good. […]

The Financial Noise

Every once in a while, I’ll flip on CNBC or Fox Business Network and just see what’s on there in terms of financial news. I used to do this much more often, but these days I rarely turn them on. Why? When I do turn them on, I see and hear an awful lot of noise. It’s often hard to instantly tell what’s a commercial and what’s actual content. […]

Want to Save Money on Car Insurance? Fix Your Credit

Your credit score can affect your ability to get a loan or a mortgage, but it also determines how much you’ll pay for insurance. Depending on where they live, drivers with poor credit can pay double to even triple the auto insurance premium of a driver with good credit, according to a study by If you have fair credit, the report notes that you’ll pay an average of 28 percent m […]

Questions About 401(k) Investing, Savings Certificates, Interviews, Podcasts, and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to summaries of five or fewer words. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Tracking down a savings certificate 2. I don’t trust my pension 3. Conservative in my 401(k) 4. Identifying store brands 5. Consequences of closing credit cards 6. Bad at interviewing 7. Just to stay sane? 8. […]