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Exploring the Connections Between Your Professional Life and Your Financial Life

This is the sixth entry in an eight part series exploring the connections between your finances and other areas of your life. A few weeks ago, I started a series exploring the connections between personal finance and the other “spheres” of my life. […]

The Advantages of Stealth Wealth and How to Practice It

I’m almost positive that if you met me on a typical day, your idea of my net worth based on your first impression wouldn’t be a high one. Most of the time, in the late fall through early spring, I’m wearing a hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. They’re usually fresh and clean and in pretty good shape (I save my raggedy clothes for wear around the house), but they’re pretty plain and unassuming. […]

Happiness and Money, With Insights from John Bogle

According to an authoritative article in American Psychologist magazine, it’s not money that determines our happiness, but the presence of some combination of these three attributes: (1) autonomy, the extent to which we have the ability to control our own lives, “to do our own thing”; (2) maintaining connectiveness with other human beings, in the form of love of our families, our pleasure in frien […]

74 Million Americans Have More Credit Card Debt Than Savings: What to Do If You’re One of Them

America’s compulsion for credit card spending appears to be reaching entirely new heights. A recent report from Bankrate found that a staggering 74 million Americans now have more credit card debt than emergency savings, which is the highest that figure has been in nine years. Looked at another way, only 44% of American households have more emergency savings than credit card debt, according to the […]

Eloan Personal Loans Review was founded in 1997 with the goal of connecting consumers with high-quality personal loans with the help of new technology. […]

TD Bank Personal Loans Review

While TD Bank claims to be “America’s Most Convenient Bank” today, the company has humble beginnings and a history that dates back to 1852. Founded in Portland, Maine, as Portland Savings Bank, the company grew through a series of mergers until its transition to Peoples Heritage Bank in 1983. TD Bank eventually became Banknorth, which was acquired by TD Bank Group of Toronto, Canada, in 2007. […]

HSBC Personal Line of Credit Review

While HSBC isn’t popular across the entire United States, it’s still one of the largest financial institutions in the world. This company serves over 39 million customers through their retail, commercial, and private banking services. […]

Stepping Back: Look at the Bigger Spending Picture

Even after all these years, I still enjoy reading (and still enjoy writing) frugality tip articles. You’ve all seen them, either here on The Simple Dollar or elsewhere. They’re simply a list of tips on how to spend a little less money while still getting a quality result. […]